DAY 160

So yesterday night before going to bed, my mom called me again, and told me that SHE WAS GONNA COMMIT TO VEGAN FOR A MONTH! So that made my day and got me super jazzed up, and I ended up chatting to her for over an hour just about vegan and life, and what not. Anyways, I started the day by going for a spin up to Lofty with the crew, and we ended up just chilling up at the top of Lofty for over an hour fixing bikes, and chatting. Right before we left we had this incredible conversation about anxiety, and the power of forming new habits, habits of gratitude, of kindness and of empowerment. Our society today is for the most part just so bored that we create all these "problems" for our selves (which aren't even problems) and then we get all stressed and worked up over it, and it's so important to maintain perspective on what really matters and what really is a worthwhile issue to be anxious over. And at the end of the day, we're all gonna have our down days and our moments of feeling melancholy, but THATS OKAY. Life is a constant fluctuating scale, we're never going to be truly joyful and ecstatic 100% of the time, that's just not how life works, so when we are sad or stressed or anxious or upset, that is OKAY the key is just not to dwell in it. So then I came back, and was inspired to film a few videos. But I was so hungry that I wasn't really making sense lol, so instead I made myself a yummy but disgusting looking bowl of oats with PB2 powder and maple sugar, took a shower and refilmed those videos hah. Then spent the rest of the arvo snacking on clif bars and editing.


And around 5, I met up with Griff and we biked over to Shelby's house together to have dinner with her beautiful family. I also played piano, and GRIFF AND I BOOKED OUR TICKETS! We're first flying to the Gold Coast end of April and staying there for a week before JETTING OFF TO THAILAND. I AM SO FLIPPING STOKED OH BOY OH BOY EHHE.


So anyways for dinner I swear I ate enough for two family's and I could not even deal with how bloated I was after ahaha but it was just all so tasty I couldn't stop eating. I had more then 3 plateful worth of potatoes, rice, curry, and pumpkin hummus. Then I had heaps of fresh fruit with soooooooo many sweet potatoes and dates and tahini. I just kept reloading my plate with more and more dessert and even surprised myself with how much I could cram into my stomach ahha. But man did we have some crazy amazing conversations. Meg, Shelby and I sat outside just talking about such deep topics and it got my mind buzzing. We talked about how our lives are in OUR control, everything is a choice in the moment on our behalf. Nothing is preordained or determined, and we are the ones holding the reins to our life. It was magical. Then eventually we said our goodbyes and parted ways, and now I'm in my room nursing my ridiculously full belly and just thinking happy thoughts about this world and my life. I feel so blessed and rich with love and happiness.