DAY 161

Today, my friend asked me how my day was, and this is what I said.

“My day has been incredible.

I woke up to a Good Morning text from an old friend.

I got slobbery smelly kisses from the sweetest golden lab.

I smiled at a stranger & they smiled back.

I went for a ride with some of my favorite people in the world.

I watched patterns of sunlight dance across the grass as the shifting wind caressed the delicate leaves that shaded me.

I saw things as they were & not as what I thought they should be. I saw the world with clear eyes & a knowing heart. I saw the ever-changing complex nature of life & I felt no fear.

I laughed like a carefree child with no inhibitions or thoughts of how others may perceive my outburst of merriment.

I ate a loaf of sourdough bread with half a jar of peanut butter & orange marmalade, grinning with glee at how scintillating the tastes were.

I walked in the summer breeze acutely aware of how miraculous my body was in its ability to take such graceful powerful steps.

I ate a bar of caramel chocolate, which gave me cavities I’m sure but also left me with a sweet disposition.

I watched a couple walk hand in hand gazing into each other’s eyes with such soft gentle love that it warmed my heart.

I stumbled across a used bookstore & spent ages perusing its many aisles, losing myself in tea stained pages & ink blotted scribbles.

I spoke with my dear mother for the first time in months and felt so much unconditional love in my heart it made me cry. 

I had a long chat over carrot cake with a quietly brilliant human.

I stared at the stars for hours watching them twinkle & gleam like the eyes of a passionate inquisitive friend. I lay there and wondered about what in the world was OUT THERE.

I felt a sparkle of excitement burning inside of me when I considered my future.

I loved & was loved today.

I lived my life.

My day was full of everyday miracles, of little moments which are actually big moments, of ordinary things that were actually extra ordinary. My day was incredible.”

Well that’s what I should have said when my friend asked me how my day was. 

Instead I just said: “it was good.”