DAY 184

So I was pretty pooped all day today ahah. I guess that's the aftermath of riding 145 km the day before. We met at 8 this morning, and I kid you not I did the easiest cruisiest ride in the history of rides ahah. Everyone was just dropping me left right and center, but I was just not in the mood to push at all. Was just lazy AF and rolled up Nortons, then just rolled down Montacute ahha. Then I came home and ate loads of dates, and some cereal, then spent the rest of the day editing, doing laundry, and little errands. Around 2,  went outside to wait for Nicole to pick me up for chiro, and right when I came out Freelee pulled up in her van! She was dropping off my sweater which I left in there, and she also gave me a little care package of raw pistachios and the sweetest juiciest strawberries! Then I said bye to her, and she drove away :(. Then Nicole rolled up and Nicole, Griff and I went to Jens for some more chiro, and I also brought heaps of groceries over because I was cooking dinner for their fam! I just wanted to show my thanks for everything they've done for me so I thought a nice wholesome dinner would do the trick, and give Wendy a day off cooking ahha. When we got to Jens' I was so pooped so I just was lying down on their sofa for almost an hour, while the rest of them chatted and played with figsy.

Then all 3 of us got adjusted and after they left, I took a short little nap in Emily's bed ahah. We also kept it a secret from emily, that I was coming over ehhe so when she came home and saw me it was awesome to see how happy she was. I ended up cooking up bok choy (mine and Emily's fav thing), cauliflower, tamari cabbage, rice, baked sweet potatoes,  and heaps of jasmine rice. THEN WE ALL FEASTED ON THEIR OUTDOOR PATIO! Emily's friend stayed as well and she's thinking of going vegan! I honestly don't know if i've ever eaten more... ahah. I ate maybe 5 rounds of dinner, and we smoothered all our sweet potatoes and rice in loads of tahini and coconut nectar and bananas, then I had 4 bowls of special K cereal, a bowl of dessert rice, and my fav a bowl of banana ice cream topped with special k, tahini, and coconut nectar.

Then me and Emily both just cuddled our massive food babies and hugged each other and laughed together ahaha and it was just wonderful. But honestly I've never been more full or TIRED. When I got back around 9 I didn't even change I just walked straight into my room, took of my backpack and shoes and curled up under my blankets, and had the best sleep ever. That's why I'm writing this blog in the morning of the next day ahah, I really couldn't be fucked last night to even make coherent thoughts so I thought I'd be better off waiting till the morning :)