DAY 185

So I slept in until 8 this morning and it was exactly what I needed, then I did a bit of stretching and just didn't feel like biking or exercising at all ahha so I just stayed in my pjs and edited in bed. And while editing my Earthlings experience video, and watching some of the footage of the animal cruelty was honestly so difficult, I was crying and so emotional. It's just that, the longer I stay vegan the more connected I become to the mission and message of saving the lives of innocent sentient beings who want to live and enjoy life just as much as we do. It just seems incomprehensibly selfish to exploit these beautiful beings for our taste preferences, and even more undeniably hypocritical to preach compassion while we sit down to a plate of violence 3 times a day everyday. 

Here's the link of the video I uploaded today:

it's the first video surrounding animal ethics that I've ever made, and it's definitely been largely inspired by Joey. He's such a warrior for the animals and it's definitely starting to inspire me to do more animal activism. Then I had a coaching call with a client for an hour, and I ate breakfast while talking to her, which I think helped her out a lot, just watching me eat hah. Then I talked to Bonny on the phone and we planned our Gold Coast adventures ehhe, and then started chatting about power meters, cycling, and our ebook plans hehe. She's gonna make an (epic) all encompassing guide to going vegan and I just know it's going to be amazing. Then I was saying I wanted to make an ebook about recovery but I've just been so lazy and kept procrastinating with it because I just don't know where/how to start. So she was saying how when she was making her recipe ebook, and they had made like 4 dishes, the kitchen looked like a bomb had gone off, and it was so overwhelming knowing where to start to clean up. But she realized that she just had to pick one thing up and put it away, and one by one, second by second the kitchen got cleaned. ahah. So just some pearls of wisdom from her, which was much appreciated. 

After our phone chat I finally changed out of my pjs because Joey was picking me up to film a collab video! We wanted to film a video directed towards teenage girls, just because that age is such a tender age where you're so easily impressionable. And after he picked me up, we found this random park with a bench and decided that would be our filming location.

After testing the mic, we started recording, and it went so wonderfully! the conversation just flowed so well and I felt so inspired and energized by it! Then he dropped me back off with a goodie bag of some super sweet black grapes which I ate with dates for lunch while editing some more videos ahah. 

Then I had 2 more clients, before eating an early dinner of rice, veg, sriracha and heaps of hummus YUMS. Then Obviously I had cereal for dessert, as well as cooking up some more rice for some dessert rice of rice, jam, pb2 powder, soy milk, bananas, dates and buckwheat heeh. Gotta carb up for tomorrows long ride :) I was in bed before 10 and just super pumped for the next few days of ADVENTURE!