DAY 193

So we were planning on doing the South Loop today, and so we met in the city at Bicycle Express. But on my way to meet them, it started raining, and my ass got SOAKED. I was seriously considering just turning around and going back home haha, but thank god I forgot to hang up my washing so I was wearing leggings, and not my nice cycling shorts, because they got dirty AF from the rain and dirt ahha. But because it was raining in the hills, when I met up with Griff, Anthony, Cleo, Nicole and Jens, they informed me that we were gonna do a flat beach ride instead since it wasn't raining there. So off we went, and man it was just the PERFECT ride. Not only did my body really need just a flat ride to spin out the legs, but boy it was BEAUTIFUL. Sunny, blue skies, and the water was just sparkly and stunning. The guys were doing 10 second sprints, so Nicole and I did a few at our own pace as well, and fuck it was hard. I'm so bad at high intensity stuff like that, and so after we all sprinted, Nicole and I would have to spend the next 30 seconds just catching up to the guys since they sprinted so much faster and farther ahha. But by the end we were having lots of fun and just laughing for some reason ahha. I think we were just in one of those moods where everything was funny ahha. There was also this guy cyclist, who just kept passing us, then getting passed, and we were just playing cat and mouse with him. He just hated it when Nicole and I passed him, ahah the male ego can be a hilarious thing. And after our fun beach ride, I came home and had 7 bananas with a whole load of dates smooshed on them with Sustain cereal hehe. Then had a coaching call, got groceries, ate cereal, did laundry, stretched, edited, ANDDDD started writing my ebook! WOOT. Then I had an early dinner of rice with pasta sauce, sriracha, and bok choy. And of course ended the night with cereal for dessert. Had more bowls than I could keep track of as per usual. Heheh then I read my book till 11, and passed out. :)