DAY 194

I woke up today before my alarm, had some weetbix, and just before heading out for an easy spin, I got a text from Lily saying: have an amazing day beautiful, I love you. AHH HOW KIND AND BEAUTIFUL OF A FRIEND IS SHE? Little things like that just warm my heart right to the core and fill me with so much gratitude and joy. So even though it was chilly, my heart was all warm inside from that text ahah. It was drizzling a teeny bit in the morning, but by the time we were riding, the rain had mostly stopped. So this morning it was Anton, Griff, Cleo and I. We just went up Nortons, then down Montecute and it was a nice easy ride. But when I was coming back, because the road from Montacute basically brings you back onto Nortons, I decided just to roll up Nortons easy one more time since it was still early. But as I was going up, these two girls wizzed by me, and so I tried to keep up. So I ended up pushing it a bit, and on the way I ran into Andrew who was going down Nortons, and so he came back up with me as well. And when I got to the top, I saw the two girls, and so I stopped and said hi. They were SO SO nice, and we got chatting. One was a lovely lady from the UK, who is actually moving to Florence on wednesday!! ahah and the other is a student here studying law. We stayed by the road chatting for ages just about cycling, accidents we've had on the bike, incidents with dickhead drivers, and more. So when I came back I looked up my Strava fly bys, found them and immediately followed them. :) After a quick shower, I had a coaching call, ate a HUGE pot full of pasta and then also had a few bowls of cereal ahah, then went and visited Shelby at work with Andrew. She wasn't feeling well, and we just wanted to check up on her and pay her a visit. So after going to visit, giving her a hug and just showing our love. We headed back to Andrews house to make... wait for it... PANCAKE BURRITOS HEHE. I know I know sounds fucked up and gross but it was actually the best thing like ever. We made vanilla gluten free pancakes, then filled them with rice, okinawa sweet potatoes, figs, kiwi, tahini, maple syrup and then wrapped it up like a burrito and just dug in and went to food heaven. SO TASTY. And the pancakes were just: gluten free flour, egg replacer, vanilla almond milk, bananas, and coconut sugar, with water.

While we waited for our friends to arrive, I also called Bonny and we chatted about acupunture and yin&yang concepts in relation to skin health ahha. I also tried (and failed) to do a chin up on Andrews pull up bar... yea didn't go well. lol. Then Griff, Nicole, Shannon and Anthony came over and brought another rice cooker pot full of rice, and then we just heated up some leftover dahl and pumpkin soup that Andrew had in his fridge.

I had a few plates of baked sweet potatoes, rice, dahl and soup and quite a few pancake burritos. Before having a big ole bowl of dessert rice with tahini and maple syrup. Then we all snuggled up in his front room and watched Deadpool which I thought was hilarious! ahah.

After the movie ended we all cleaned up, then Nicole gave me a lift home. On the ride home we were talking about all our animal names. It's Griff the giraffe, Shannon the sheep and Anthony the ant. But when it came to Nicole the discovery was made that no animal started with the letter N. They ended up googling it, and you know what google came up with? "Needle fish" LOL. Oh and PS I'm Steph the seal ahha. Then I read for an hour, and went to bed around 11. Another fun filled jam packed day in Adelaide... less than 2 weeks before I leave. WAH.