DAY 194

So today we were blessed with another sunny sort of warm day!!! Nicole and Griff were doing threshold efforts on the bike, up Nortons today, so I thought I'd join in on the pain party and see how I go. So basically your threshold power is what you're supposed to be able to hold for an hour. So they calculated mine and estimated it to be around 165 W, so the plan of attack was to do 3 or 4 reps of 10 minute sessions at threshold up Nortons. And after each effort you get 10 minutes of rest. So that's what I went out and tried to do. The first one was TOUGH, just because my muscles were cold and stiff, and I guess I just wasn't used to pain yet, so I was only able to do 159W for 10 minutes, then I rolled back down and cruised around on a backstreet to get in my 10 minutes of rest. Then the second one went much better, I managed to do 165W and it felt easier. And by the third one I was doing 167W. They just kept feeling easier and easier, simply because my muscles were being activated and warmed up, and mentally I was used to the feeling of pushing myself and that discomfort of pushing myself physically. So by the third one I was obviously tired, but I felt like I had one more in me, so I did another 10 minute effort and averaged about 168 W this time! Then after the 10 minutes, I was like, might as well just keep going up Nortons and see how much longer I can hold this wattage for. And I ended up holding it all the way to the top! And by then the sun was out, it was blue skies, and just beautiful. I rolled to the water tap, and we all met back up as a group, and Andrew and Daniella had joined us at that point. Nicole rolled back down to get ready for work, then us 4 continued on up to Lofty since it was such a beautiful day! Then Andrew went to visit his Nana, and Daniella Griff and I descended down Greenhill. The first half of Greenhill is sort of covered with trees and the hills, but about halfway down it just opens up and you get this incredible view of the city and hills. And today it was just stunning, you could see the city crystal clear, and there was this beautiful misty layer of pure white clouds floating against blue skies that just seemed to hang over the city. Man was it just breathtaking. Then I biked over to Daniella's house so she could wax my eyebrows (with vegan berry flavoured wax hehe). She studied all that beautician stuff that I'm shit at ahha, joey also got his done, and was in the process as I was leaving ahha. Then I came home and smashed in a bag of dates, rolled out my muscles, and had a coaching call. And after editing all afternoon Margaux and Jeremy came over for dinner and they brought over this incredile potato spinach curry and I cooked up heaps of rice and bok choy!

And I ate like 3 plates with heaps of sweet chilli and sriracha. Then I had a few more bowls of cereal for dessert ahah. It was just so awesome to see Margaux and Jeremy, she hasn't been feeling that well today so I was just glad to see her and hug her heeh. Then we just chilled in my room chatting about cycling, life, and what not eheh. Plus they're just the cutest together I love seeing them so happy together, it makes me happy eheh.