DAY 195


So, my legs were definitely fatigued today, and so were Nicole and Griffs, so us 3 and Andrew just went for a nice super cruisy recovery ride around Forest range and back up Deviation road. It was so beautiful out, and incredible to see all the leaves changing colour. You would look out over the hills, and just see a field of gold and red tinged leaves, and it was breathtaking. Especially around the Forest range area, the scenery and environment just reminded me so much of what Vancouver's like in Autumn and just the smell of the crisp cool clean air brought back so many vivid memories for me. Memories of walking home from school with my friends, drinking chai tea, raking up the fallen leaves with my brothers and more. And even though we were all tired, it was still nice just to spin the legs out and chat on the bike. I found out today that Andrew was 11th in Australia at long boarding when he was in grade 10, and he found out that Vancouver is in British Columbia! ahah. 

So after the ride, I had some cinnamon spiced apple oatmeal with chopped dates, PB2 powder and coconut sugar, had a coaching call, and edited a video. Then I cleaned my bike chain, lubed it up, and replaced my power meter battery because it's been dropping in and out for a week so hopefully that fixes the problem. Then I packed some cereal for lunch, but realized I still had an hour to kill, so just ended up making rice and having that with jam for lunch, and Around 2, Andrew and I went to Shelby's to pay her a visit since she hasn't been feeling all that swell lately. And we just all lazed around her lounge chatting and laughing and watching silly videos hehe.

Then we ate this massive fruit salad and sweet potatoes while telling each other and guessing riddles hehe. We also had a massive chat about how competitve we can be with others and how that really stems out of a root of insecurity, and how unproductive it is to act out of that mindset. Then around 5, I came home and had a snack of cereal before Tess came and picked me up for a SUSHI DINNER NIGHT with her, Annie and Emily! We've been trying to find a night when we could all hang out for AGES but everyone was always so busy, so it was so surreal that tonight ACTUALLY ended up happening and worked out. We went to Sushi Train and just feasted on inari, avocado rolls, pickled turnip rolls, these black rice sushi rolls, terryaki tofu rolls, seaweed rolls, edamame beans, and more. I ate mine all drowned in soy sauce and covered in ginger ahha. Then we also tried some red bean Mochi for dessert which was hectic.

So sweet and doughy and delicious. It was one of those things that grows on you. Then I brought out a bag of puffed corn that I had in my bag and we ate about half the bag ahah. Emily thought of the ingenious idea of drowning the corn puffs in soy sauce and it was amazinggggg.

She also had this 10 dollar voucher that she used on our dinner (so kind) so our dinner ended up only being like 10 bucks! amazing eh? But man I just had the BEST time laughing, feasting, and talking to these gals. It was really only like our third time ever hanging out but I actually felt like I'd known them for ages. They are all such genuine beautiful souls. We talked about travels, life, boys, spirituality, our journeys and more. I loved hearing about how everyone sort of had that AHA moment of spiritual awakening. For emily it was reading the book "The Secret" and after hearing her talk about it, I definitely need to read it as well. It was also so interesting hearing about Annie's family and her upbringing in Russia. And of course I loved listening to all three of their travel plans. Tess also constantly surprises and inspires me with her maturity and gentle soul and her ambition in life is so refreshing. All 3 of them truly just warmed my heart and soul right to the core. Then after sushi, we went to Gelatissimo, and I also ate the cereal which I had packed in my bag for lunchthere ahah.

Then when Emily had to leave, we realized that it was probably the last time we'd see each other for ages, and bless her soul, she started to cry. I was starting to tear up at how truly beautiful of a person she was. She just kept saying that she loved us, and that she was so grateful to have met us all, and my heart just felt like bursting at the seams it was welling up with love for her and them, and everyone in my life. Emily's gratitude for the simple treasures of friendship was just another reminder to me of how blessed I am to have all of this love and friendship in my life. So after giving her countless hugs and finally bidding her farewell, Tess dropped me off, and I had another tearful experience saying bye to her and Annie. But boy oh boy. I feel like the richest person in the world. I feel like a millionaire honestly, just so rich with love and friendships. I am just overflowing with the treasures of friendship. And overflowing with love in my heart to give, and love in my life. I am so loved, and love so many people. I am so grateful for this thing called life.