DAY 196

So this morning we all met at the tower at 8, and after going up Nortons, Joey, Griff, Cleo and I went on the Lobethal loop. But about 20 minutes into the ride one of joey's spokes snapped so he had to turn back, so we were down to just the three musketeers ahah. So originally I was planning on doing one last TT before leaving Adelaide, but to prepare I'd have to take a few rest days, find a day with good conditions, and what not, and I just feel like I really dont care enough about a time up Nortons to sacrifice a few days of riding and enjoying the beautiful adelaide hills. So I'd rather just go on fun exploratory rides and really take advantage of my last 9 days here in Adelaide. So the ride was just stunning, the lobethal loops is always breathtaking! There was quite a bit of construction going on and it was actually so lovely to run into the construction workers who were holding the lolipop Stop Slow signs. They were so friendly ahah, and it was so refreshing to hear a good day m8, from road side workers, usually they're super grumpy! So we were out for about 2 and a half hours, and after i got home I was knackered. So I took a little nap before eating some savoury oats inspired by Emily ehhe. I had oats with sriracha and bok choy and it was actually amazing! Then I had a client, edited, called my mom, and bought groceries. And I was going to go to Govindas tonight, but my beautiful friend Shelby still wasn't feeling ace, so I went over to hers to keep her company ehhe. I had about 3 of these insane chocolate chip peanut butter cookie dough balls that Meg made, and the chocolate had gotten all melted and I was in heaven. Then I probably had like 20 sweet potatoes legit lol, with tahini, fig jam, bananas, dates, and more eheh. I also finished a huge bowl of hummus with sriracha ahaha with sweet potatoes and rice crackers eehe. Then I had the most amazing freshly baked bread rolls with coconut butter and I was just in heaven oh my lordy.