DAY 197

So I woke up just feeling really average. I got my period yesterday so the whole day I was super crampy and just feeling a little gross, and I woke up just like I said feeling meh. But I went for a really easy recovery ride and on the ride, I just had to stop to appreciate the view. It was just truly so beautiful, so many vibrant coloured leaves, it felt like I was staring at a painting, and that view just gave me this moment of pure joy.

I started laughing on the side of the road just thinking how blessed I am to be living and alive and seeing this view. So then I came home, had some breakfast, and started the rest of my day with a smile. While I was stretching I called my mom and we chatted for awhile, then I edited for a few hours and had a coaching call. And after eating lunch, something amazing happened heeh. I skyped one of my best friends Diane, from home who I haven't seen since I was in Vancouver 7 months ago, and man that conversation just warmed my heart and brought so much happiness into my day eheh.

So Diane and I have been friends since GRADE 2 so we go way back, and she seriously is the one person besides my mom who really helped me and supported me when I was utterly lost. She's always supported my veganism, even when she didn't understand it, and she's always had faith and belief in me, and that faith really got me through so so much. And now she's vegan and super passionate about it as well and it just makes me so crazy happy to see that. We caught up about everything, and now she's going to try to come to Thailand as well and AH, I just can't wait to see her again. Plus she told me that she realized she wanted to open her own vegan restaurant instead of continue her studies at UNI and I'm so so stoked for her. If anyone can do it, she can, and I'll be there to invest in the restaurant and help her with the social media marketing ahah. Then I had one more coaching call, before Alex came over for dinner! So I've been following Alex for ages, and she's staying about an hours drive from Adelaide, but she made the effort to come out so we could meet and share some delicious food!

She made the most amazing sweet potato bean chilli and I literally had about 5 plates of it with brown rice. Then I had about 20 dates (LOL) all smooshed in with rice crackers and bananas, raspberry jam, and rice malt syrup.

I also topped some rice crackers with left over brown rice, jam, and sriracha which was an amazing combo lol. And we just had some pretty flipping epic conversations late into the night under the stars and moonlight.

Then I had another skype call at 8:30, and after that I passed out and went to BED.