DAY 198

So this morning I decided to do repeats up Nortons, and I usually do 3. So after the first one, Joey joined me, and we just chatted about animal activism, cycling, his raw vegan diet, living in the present, and more. And because I always do three I wanted to challenge myself and do 4 this morning, and we did it! And it felt awesome! We also bumped into Jeremy on his way up when we were heading back home which was awesome. He's doing some hectic interval training, and it was super inspiring to hear. He's basically just fit as fuck ahah. And on the descent, it became cloudy and started spitting rain, and I was just FREEZINGGG. Seriously can not wait to be back in WARMTH and SUN! Then after making myself a bowl of steaming oats with maple syrup and raspberries. I stretched, and rolled. Then a lovely surprise came in the form of... BONNY calling me! We ended up chatting for an HOUR ahha just all about our plans, her drone, the vegan jewelry line she's designing (how fucking cool is that?!), training with power meters, thailand, and just other random tid bits about life. We also realized that Griff's bday is May 7, mine's May 8, and Tim's (bonny's bf) bday is May 9! It's like a train ahah, how cool is that?! But I swear I just always have the biggest grin after talking to Bonny she's just one of my bestest friends and I love her to bits. Then I had 2 back to back coaching calls which went so swell! ANOTHER One of my clients got her period back, and it was like the most exciting thing! we were both like screaming into the camera at each other ahah, I was just so happy for her! Then right after the calls, I was feeling just so drained and really wanted a nap haah. But I had made plans to go to Hahndorf with Shelby and Andrew just because it's one of Shelby's favorite places and she said I had to see it before I left eheh so I just had heaps of dates then got changed and picked up! But the instant I got into the car I felt so energized by their energy ahha and I was back to my normal energized self. The dates helped too of course hahh. And once we got there I could totally see why Shelby loves it there, its just so cutesy. It's this tiny little town that is just full of little knick knack stores, old fashioned lamp posts, twinkly lights, and beautiful trees with hanging branches. And since it's Autumn all the leaves were changing colour, and the ground was also covered with a carpet of golden leaves and boy was it stunning. We found this little tucked away hive of red leaves in this garden, and it was so magical.

Shelby also took us to her fav candle shop, and I kid you not, candle shops are my heaven. There was this watermelon candle that just smelt like candy and I would have gotten it if I hadn't forgotten my wallet in the car haha. We also went to this real old fashioned candy shop, and just looking at all the candy's (like pop rocks, push pops, swirly lollipops, nerds etc) was like taking a trip down memory lane haha.

And after wandering around the quaint cutesy streets, we decided it was getting a tad too cold, and we were getting hungry for dinner so we headed back home to Shelby's house where Griff was meeting us! Then we cooked up a wack load of sweet potatoes (all 3 varieities), brown rice, and a veggie stir fry with tamari marinade. Well I should say the guys cooked up... ahha they ended up doing most of the cooking eheh. I made a heap of banana ice cream and put it in the freezer to set so it was ready for dessert eheh. Then when dinner was done, we tried to sneak in a slice of this super hot chilli pepper that andrew brought over, so I told Griff I'd plate his dinner up lol and andrew threw in the tiniest sliver into Griffs dinner. About ten minutes dinner Griff finally realized and when he ate it his tongue was on fire ahahah and he had to get ice and drink all my water lol. But I felt so bad, I actually was trying to convince Andrew and shelby not to do it before Griff came over, but they won over ahah. Anyways I ate dinner with sriracha and tahini. Then also ate all the sweet potatoes with tahini and coconut sugar YUMMM. And after a few plates of dinner, I had 4 bowls of banana ice cream which I ate with brown rice, sweet potatoes, tahini and coconut sugar hehe. ANDDDD guess what, we watched a chick flick with dinner and Andrew and Griff had to sit through it lol. We watched the movie Something Borrowed, and Shelby, Tess and I LOVED LOVED LOVED it lol. We were just in the mood for a movie where we could just switch off our brains, and Griff and Andrew were like laughing just bagging on it a little but in reality I know they loved it teeheeee. Then we washed up, and left around 10. :)