DAY 199

This morning, we did a bit of a different ride, and went south on a loop that Anthony lead! It was a pretty big group of us (Shannon, Nicole, Jens, Anton, Griff, Anthony and Andrew), and it was such a beautiful ride. It's official Autumn is my favorite season! It's just so stunning, but too damn cold ahah. It was also crazy windy today and there were a few moments where the wind just buffeted me around like a leaf, which scared the crappers out of me ahah. Also my garmin just decided to turn off after about 20 kms, and I lost the first bit of the ride, but whatever ahah. So after a few hours, I got home and even though it wasn't a particularly hard ride, I was just pooped. So after doing laundry, stretching, having oats for lunch, doing some editing, snacking on rice crackers with dates and bananahs smooshed on top (sounds wierd I know), trading ripe for non ripe bananas with Andrew, I took a much needed nap! Then I had a coaching call, which finished just before 5, and I was planning on riding over to Nicoles to hang out with all of them, but I was just so pooped that I couldn't bring myself to ride over, but because nicole is an absolute fucking legend she offered to pick me up! So she picked me up, and I brought over a whole shit ton of bok choy to cook up at theirs for dinner. We chatted, watched footage from todays ride, and I got strava premium and we analyzed all my power curve data and training stress score and what not which was soooo cool! Then for dinner we cooked up my bok choy, griff made terryaki cabbage, and Nicole made rice and some purple sweet potatoes. I had all of that with some of Anthony's spaghetti sauce and sweet chilli sauce!

Then for dessert I just had the rice cakes I brought over with dates and bananas. ALL while watching Scott Pilgrim VS the world. I can honestly say that that movie was like no other movie I've ever seen, and there was this hilarious awesome vegan reference in the movie that cracked us all up!