DAY 200

Today was a chilled out day and it's exactly what I needed. This morning I just went out for the LAZIEST shortest ride haha, I didn't sweat one drop, and almost didn't even want to ride but I knew that it'd be good to just spin the legs out so I did. But it was super short so I got home really early, and didn't shower so I just had so much time today to just edit, eat, and lie around resting ahha. I also had a few coaching calls, before dinner. THEN (SUPER EXCITING) one of my clients from Sydney who I've been working with, had a few days off uni today and tomorrow, and so spontaneously she decided to fly to adelaide to meet me!!!!! And she was coming over for dinner, hehe so I cooked up heaps of jasmine rice, and then when she arrived she had brought over lots of veggies for us to make! AND her beautiful parents dropped her off so we were all able to hang out and I got to meet them. AND oh man they are just the NICEST most beautiful gentle people EVER! And super random, but her parents were born in chiang mai!! HOW COOL IS THAT? Also I had been chatting to Vinny before about the gelato blue place in SYD and how bonny told me about this tahini gelato flavour they had, and how I wish I could try it! So when Vinny was coming, she legit bought a tub of that ice cream to try to take as carry on, on the plane so that I could try it! How crazy sweet is that?? ahah the security people took it away but it's the thought that counts eheh.

So we just made some broccoli and bok choy and ate it with rice, pasta sauce, sweet chilli sauce and sriracha. YUMMM, we each had multiple plates AND THEN I made her my fav cereal combination at the moment (because it changes weekly) which is: Sustain cereal, rice, bananas, dates, PB2, jam, soy milk, coconut sugar and SHE FREAKING LOVED IT!

And so did I obvs ahha, I had so many bowls I lost count and by the end of the night I had about 8 cereal babies in ma tummy ahha. I WAS ALSO JUST so proud of her! The progress that she's made with her comfortability with food and eating in general is just night and day. I've only been working with her for under a month and already she's just like a new person. She's already looking healthier, happier, and just more vibrant, and it's so fucking rewarding to see.

I've never been able to see a client in person and to see the physical difference just in their spirit, and man was it so special. I feel so grateful to have met her, and that she freaking got on a plane and flew over so we could meet. We just had so many laughs, and talked about life, our fav foods, happiness, and everything in between. And lastly, before she left, she brought out this box of goodies that she got from the Everything Vegan store here in Adelaide during the day today! She just got me all sorts of yummies as a present, and it just made my heart burst!

Things like: strawberry marshmellows, gum for the flight, cliff bars, cookies, chocolates and more. I just was seriously so touched by her and the entire night. She just made me feel like I really had made an impact and a difference in her life and I was just on a high all night!