DAY 201

This morning was the most beautiful WARM day! It ended up being like 27 degrees ehe and was so hot for the first time in ages! So naturally I wanted to go out for a sweet ride heh.

So Griff went out at 8 and did threshold efforts up Nortons, so by the time I met up with him at 9 (I wanted to sleep in lol) he was already pretty pooped. So we went up Nortons then to Lofty, and floated (that's what it felt like at least) on clouds down the Freeway, then went up Osmond Drive, which is like my fav climb in Adelaide. The road is just so smooth, and there's minimal traffic, but the best part is the view of Adelaide you get from the top! It was so hot by then and I was sweating up a storm eheh. And after Osmond we got onto Glynbourne road to head home, but on the way we passed Greenhill road and it was so tempting. That climb was just calling me, and the weather was just so beautiful so I HAD to go up it ahha. But Griff was too exhausted and didn't bring enough food so he went home and I went up the climb and it was epic! ehhe. Then I came home and had some more dates with oatmeal, showered, stretched, then just wrote the rest of the afternoon. I just got into this rythm and started writing about Adelaide, and my time here, friendship and more ehehe. And finally as "the last supper" before we basically parted ways (WAHHH) Griff and I went over to Shelbys for dinner! FUCK there are actually no words for how much I'm going to miss that girl so I won't even try to express it here.

But basically, I'm going to miss her so fucking much it's just not even funny. I brought over my old cycling for jersey as well so that Shelby could use it, and also brought over some gluten free goodies for her, and I also bought her some earplugs for when she travels eheh because I know how much of a struggle it is to try to get to sleep if you're sharing a room while travelling. So because her and Andrew are going camping these next few days tonight will likely be, as I said, our last supper together wah. So we cooked up an epic feast of sweet potatoes, rice, hummus, hassleback potatoes, and tons of veggies YUMMM. I didn't think I was hungry tonight but I ended up eating like 3 plates of dinner, and drowned all the sweet potatoes with maple syrup and tahini. HEEHE.

Then we also made some banana vanilla pancakes and I ate it with tahini, bananas, rice, and sweet potatoes. After watching some of powsimians pancake video I was sooo craving pancakes and that definitely satisfied my craving hehe. ANDDDD guess what we watched? We watched THE BEE MOVIE! I always loved that movie, but I've never seen it as a vegan, and after watching Bonny's snapchat showing her watching it I've been meaning to watch it for days! So we all watched it eheh, Griff had never seen it, and Andrew said he remembered thinking it was just average, BUT that was ages ago, and he wasn't vegan at the time. We all flipping loved the movie, and man it's just another movie with such a beautiful engrained message of veganism. 

By the end of the movie, Tess, Will and the dogs had all joined us as well. And after the movie finished we all cleaned up, then made some roiboos tea. And Shelby, Andrew and I all sat in Tess' room drinking our tea while listening to Griff play piano. Then I just lay in Shelby's lap for awhile and we all chatted about being poisoned by non- vegan things, what we used to eat like before vegan (Shelby and I ate atrociously while the guys were always slightly health conscious haha), our travels, and more. Then around 9 we finally said goodbye, and I rode home in the strangely warm autumn evening air, before finishing off this blog, reading Room, then going to bed!