DAY 202

I started packing today!!! AND boy did it make me realize how much junk I've collected these last four months ahah. So I started my day by goin for a ride with the crew. All of us did our own version of Nortons repeats and even though we weren't all always riding together it was nice to see them on the hill. Then I came home and had oats, showered, stretched and rolled. THEN I began organizing all my shit. I didn't make much progress but after an hour I felt like I was 5% packed lol which is 5% better than I was before woot! Then I cleaned my bike and chain, had a coaching call, made some more ugly oats (I'm trying to get through all my food before I leave as well), then wrote the rest of the afternoon before the dinner potluck at Nicoles place tonight! I don't wanna toot my own horn but I made the tastiest lentil potato pasta sauce. It tasted like the spagh bolegnese that I used to love as a kid eheh. So I just sauteed onions and garlic with thyme, lemon juice, and pepper. Then I added in some lentils, while also boiling loads of potatoes and broccoli. Then all I did was heat up some pasta sauce which I got called "Jens Jens" and added in all the ingredients heeh.

Then Federica picked me up and we headed over to Nicoles early so I could cook up my corn pasta there. So everyone seriously stepped up their game for their potluck food today. Federica made this insane ratatouille, Nicole and Shannon made sweet potaotes and rice, Griff made a hectic lentil dahl with tomatoes and onions, Cleo brought over the yummiest quinoa salad with heaps of roasted veggies and potatoes, Kais brought dominoes pizza, Joey brought JUICY grapes bananas and lettuce, Federica brought baked sweet potatoes too, and Anton and Brendon brought their wonderful energy and positivity ahha.

I just couldn't even get over how much I ate ahah. I just kept getting up and getting more and more food. I also made some carbstrong banana lettuce tacos eheh which were amazing. I then came home and had 4 more bowls of cereal... what the heck is with my appetite ahah.

Anyways it was so lovely to just hang out and laugh with all my m8's. I also got to hear a very special story about Kais' history of how he battled sickness and it was something I had no idea he had gone through. Then after coming home, I read for a few hours then went to BED :D