DAY 203

So today I had the most pleasantly surprising ride! So today was just a super easy recovery ride, I've been pretty tired these last few days so I really wanted to just give my body some much needed rest. It was a beautiful day for a nice lazy cruise in the hills. After we rode up Nortons, we stopped at the tap and were waiting for Federica when we see this rider come riding towards us. And she shouts out: is that Steph?? And I didn't recognize her, but she said it in a way that seemed so familiar and friendly that I thought we must have met before. But then the next second she says: you dont know me but I follow you on instagram! 

So her name is Lily and she's a beautiful 16 year old vegan! And so after chatting for a bit, I asked her to join us on our ride and she happily agreed! so we all just had a nice relaxed ride just chatting and getting to know each other! We found out that she lives right in the hills, is in year 12, and super busy with school ahah. And we were going to roll up to Lofty, but on the way she points to this house in the distance that I've probably passed countless times, and says that's my house! and then she invited us to come and see her pet cows and the horses they raise, and so OBVIOUSLY we were super keen! So we ditched the rest of our ride and just spent ages at her place heeh. I tried the sweetest strawberry of my life in her garden, and met all 6 of her cows, who all have names, one was named Harley which I thought was hilarious ahah. Then she brought us to the paddock where they kept 2 gorgeous horses.

One was black and just looked like a majestic stallion, and the other was a lively thoroughbred chestnut. And I pretty much died and went to heaven. Horses are my fav animal ever, and I haven't been up close with a horse in ages and it was so healing and incredible to be able to just stroke them and hug them, and watch them in their element eating grass ahha. And when I was patting them, it was incredible just to feel the immense mass of lean muscle they have. Just goes to show when you eat what you're designed to you thrive :)

Then I came home, showered, ate more oats.. ahha and got to editing. I'm working on a special video project and it's taking up a lot of time but hopefully it'll turn out the way I envision it ahha. 

And then around 5 Nicole picked me up and we headed over to Jens' place for dinner with his wonderful fam! We had heaps of rice, dahl that griff made, and heaps of chana masala. I ate mine with sriracha, pasta sauce, and tahini eheh, and I also spent the night hugging emily a lot! I'm gonna miss that beautiful darling girl so much.

We all feasted on all the carbs ahah, then I also had a few bowls of cereal with tahini and maple syrup with dates and bananas chopped up.

I also had some vegan biscuits that tasted like Christmas to me ahah. BUT the best combo I had was rice, vegemite, pasta sauce, jam, maple syrup and dates LOL, everyone thought I was nuts but Emily tried it as well and agreed it was pretty tasty eheh. She said it had a bitter sweet sort of salty taste hehe. Then we just sat at the table chatting about god knows what. The human body, stress being a killer, Orienteering, food, and youtube vids ahah. And around 9, Jens whipped out his massage table and adjusted us all. It'll be my last time getting adjusted, WAH, I'm gonna miss these adjustments and their family so much. :(

Then on the car ride home we were talking about the most random shit and getting a crack out of it for no real reason ahah. Just stuff like guitar hero, playing riddle mind games to mess with Shannon lol, and joking about the big ride in Thailand Nicole and I want to do. Those type of friendships are the best, the type where you can just laugh about nothing at all, and find it genuinely amusing and funny. Man I just left that car with the biggest smile, a laugh still echoing in my throat, and so much love in my heart. GAH <3