DAY 204

So today we had planned to do about a 60 km loop! So I met up with Anton, Nicole, Griff, Cleo, and one of Anton's running friends at 8 to start our ride. But as we got into the hills it started to piss down rain, and honestly before we knew it, we were all drenched and freezing. It was funny cuz all the weather apps said that there was a 0% chance of rain.... which was definitely FALSE! ahah. My power meter also hasn't been working these last few days which is really upsetting ahah, I just feel like I'm riding blind now without power. Once you get a power meter there's just no going back ahah. Anyways, so no one was really prepared for this rain, so when we got to Lofty, we all huddled inside warming up for ages before finally working up the motivation to get back into the wet to ride the 10 minutes to Stirling where we met up with Jeremy at the organic cafe. We sat at the cafe resting, warming up, eating pies, and refuelling for ages. And by the time we were all ready to roll, the rain had stopped and the weather seemed to be turning for the better. So the rest of the ride was beautiful, we ended up going to basket range area, and it was so magical what with all the leaves changing colour, and covering the ground like a carpet of gold. Just magestic. Nicole and I rode most of the ride together which was amazing. We're such well matched riding partners, she pushes me up the shorter steeper climbs, and I push her up longer ones. Plus she's just an awesome person to have keeping you company on long rides, gonna miss riding with her when I leave, but she's coming to Thailand mid may anyways so we'll be back to riding together again in less than a month! WOOT! Then because we took so many breaks hiding from the rain, it was 12 when I got back. So I took a steaming hot shower, ate more oats, did laundry, packed a bit, and stretched. Then at 2, Nicole picked me up for the massage that we were getting. I've been wanting to get a thorough massage for ages, because I just feel like all my muscles are heaps tight, and Nicole knew an amazing massage therapist, so we both booked appointments. I wanted to pay for us both as a thank you to Nicole, she's been a true legend always driving me around and it was the least I could do to show my appreciation. But she's a sneaky lil bitch ahah and paid for hers. BUT MAN I was so relaxed during and after the massage.

It was just so warm, and therapeutic and incredible. He kept putting these warm towels on, and this incredible sandlewood lavender massage oil, and boy it was bliss. After the massage I was about to fall asleep, I felt so zen and relaxed. Then we drove back to Nicoles where we all cooked up heaps of sweet potatoes (japanese, okiniawa and these purple sweet potatoes that were purple on the outside as well), rice, bok choy, and I ate it with pasta sauce, cherry tomatoes, maple syrup, tahini and sweet chilli. Then I had heaps of rice with jam, tahini and bananas with some more sweet taters and it was Tasty AF. And we watched Super Troopers all together and laughed our asses off at how ridiculous the movie was.