DAY 205

TODAY IS MY LAST FULL DAY IN ADELAIDE AHHH! So I went on a super easy but beautiful ride to Lobethal, and looped around down Gorge road. That is my favorite loop in Adelaide so I had to do it on my last day! Joey was telling us all about his raw vegan, and then we were all just talking about all the fruit, and our plans for Thailand eheh. We saw cows, horses, alpacas, and the most stunning views. It was all in all the perfect autumn ride with friends eheh. Then I came home, ate oats, then just PACKED. And in the middle of packing I got this super strange bizzare phone call. I honestly forget where she said she was calling from, but the girl on the phone basically said that my flight tomorrow because my payment didn't go through! And I like freaked out, I was like "sorry, WHAT?!" Then I heard some spoons in the background of the phone then she basically hung up, and I was like... ummm wtf?! ahah, then immediately after, I got a call from Tess saying that she had prank called me LOL. I totally believed them too which was hilarious. But anyways, after an hour of more packing, Meg came over to pick up some of the stuff that I was storing at their place. I put all my warm clothes, and like unnecessary things for Thailand all in a bag. I also gave them a few little presents like barley grass powder, some books, and other little treats eheh. Then Meg and I just chatted for ages about parenting, my mom, Shelby's impending travels, and more heh. And then around 3:30 Nicole came and picked me up so we could drop all my stuff off at their place since I was gonna sleep their tonight. And after Griff got home, Nicole, Shannon, Griff and I headed into town to Bicycle Express to pick up some bike boxes to pack up our bikes. Anthony had set two aside for us, so we got those and picked up some Clif bloks as well. Cleo also met us there and bought some bar tape for Griff as a present ahah, and he got me a jar of organic tahini, what a sweet heart. Then we walked on over to Meesu which was like 200m away ahah for Griff and I's going away dinner. We waited outside the restaurant growing colder and hungrier until the family came to open the restaurant up! And man oh man, I just couldn't believe how many people showed up to send us off.

The entire restaurant was legitimately packed and filled with our group. I got to see so many of my cycling friends, but also a few others that I haven't seen in ages which was so wonderful. Nathalie and her boyfriend came and man it was so lovely to catch up with her tonight, I just still can't believe we've known each other for 8 years!

The entire night I was just floating around the restaurant talking to everyone and there was a moment where I just looked around at all the familiar faces of the people that I loved and just thought, wow. I am so fucking lucky to have met all these amazing people. So blessed to call them my friends. I have been in Adelaide for 4 months so it really does feel a little bit like I'm leaving home, and man it makes me so sad that I won't be seeing lots of these beautiful people till I come back to Adelaide. But like I said to everyone when I left "I'll be home for Christmas" haha cuz I reckon I'll be back in AD in December heeh. The only thing about tonight is that they actually forgot about most of my order ahha, all I got was the rice, but I just ate that with other peoples left over sauce, then came home and had a fuck ton of cereal with bananas, sugar, dates, and tahini with rice milk and so it was alllll goood :D

Then Anthony helped me heaps with packing up my bike, he did such a pro job packing it up, with heaps of foam padding for every part of my bike, I felt like my bike was so safe and taken care of. He was such a legend though, helping me out since he really had to pack himself since he was leaving for Canberra tomorrow and had to be up at 4, so I was so grateful to him for helping me out!

And after finalizing all the packing, eating a few more bowls of cereal and bananas, I went to bed around 11.