DAY 206

SOOOOO I slept out in their rumpus room on a couch... was not the best sleep I've ever had, but since we were up at 4:30 anyways it wouldn't have been a good sleep either way :P. So yup like I said, was up at 4:30 to get shit all sorted before flying, as well as catching Anthony and Nicole before they were off to the airport as well. Anthony's flying back to Canberra and has a 6am flight so they left just before 5! although it's sad to leave them, it's not all that bad since I'll be seeing them in like a month when they go to Thailand! WOOOTTTT! it's more just so sad to be saying bye to Shelby and Mummameg since I won't see them for a good 8-9 months... WAHHH, so I was so glad they were dropping us at the airport so I could say goodbye to them. So they arrived at 6, and after we loaded up Meg and Andrew's car, we headed off to the airport eheh. On the ride over, I was just lying in Shelby's lap with a blanket and just soaking up these last few moments with them. Then after a very tearful emotional goodbye, Griff and I headed off to the Jet Star Check in kiosk. And after saying we were travelling to the Gold Coast, the lady at the kiosk says: You're flight was at 7:10, you've missed your flight.

And my heart dropped. I was so sure that it was at 8, so I frantically started pulling up the flight itinerary to be like: no look it's at 8, we're an hour early! But of course, she was right. So yup, I am a complete and utter idiot and fucked up big time. When I realized that I had made not just me but also Griff miss his flight, I just started crying. I felt so bad, and so just MAD at myself for not double checking the flight time. But man thank goodness Griff is just such a good natured friend, he was just like smiling and laughing at the situation ahha, then went off to try to find us a replacement flight. I just walked back towards where Tess, Shelby, Meg, and Andrew were waiting, with tears in my eyes and just such a dejected soul. BUT Man, if anything this experience has just shown me how wonderful these people are. They just all hugged me, and stroked my hair and told me that we all make mistakes, and to just be kind to myself and forgive myself. Meg told me about some funny stories where they've missed flights before, and just cheered me up in general. So in the end, there was another flight with Jet star at 6 pm and it was only $50 for each of us to change to that flight, so that's what we did. Then honestly, I had the best unexpectedly longer last day here in Adelaide. Mummameg drove us home, and then all of us came back to their place and made banana pancakes with almond butter, and chocolate chips, with maple syrup and cinnamon sugar. And Meg just kept reminding myself that true compassion starts with being compassionate and kind to yourself, and to just let it go and forgive myself. And after a few hours, I truly did begin to feel better about it ahha. And as Will said: everyone makes that mistake once, but only once. And he's absolutely right, I will NEVER get my flight time wrong again ahah. It was so funny, I felt like everything around me was just providing perspective for this situation, on the car all the songs were like talking about what matters in life, and then the news was showing footage of Syria and the crazy situation going on there. Which just makes me realize, like calm down Steph, you missed your flight, your home isn't being bombed and destroyed! 

And honestly today just ended up being oh so so lovely. So besides having to say goodbye to Shelby since she was leaving for work, it was such a fun day. Griff, Andrew, Meg, and I just spent the day together eating and chatting. So basically besides editing and just chilling with the doggies all we did was make food and eat. So after eating some leftover rice noodles for an early lunch, we baked gluten free banana bread and flap jacks. YUMMM, and ate them with warm tea and soy milk. Then we also make sandwiches with a pumpkin spread, avo, and tomatoes. The bread was all nice and toasted and it was just beautiful. So basically I was pretty darn fucking full all day ahha. 

Then HAZEL came over, and we all chilled, listened to her play piano, then packed up some food for dinner in Griff's tupper ware, just heaps of sweet potatoes with baked apples, bananas, maple syrup, and also some more bread rolls! I also packed some more banana bread and a little baggie of sriracha LOL. Then Meg also made us the most incredible panini filled with pumpkin pepper spread, avo, tomatoes, red onion and some herbs, mmmm. And by 3:40 we hit the road for the airport, for the second time today hahaha, and Hazel came with us this time heeh. So we arrived at the airport around 4:20, and after putting our bags through, Meg went to get some beautiful keychains that she gave to us as a little momento to remember them by. Mine was a beaded giraffe, and griffs was a beaded rhino, and they were lovely! Then we all said goodbye to each other, but this time it wasn't really sad, I was just full of appreciation for them, and feeling so blessed. So we got through security, and arrived to the gate an hour and a half early! WOOT, and just snacked and waited around doing random things on our computer until we boarded :) 

And when we took off, we were able to see the most incredible vibrant sunset, it was truly just breathtaking. And as the plane got higher and higher into the sky, the view of the city lit up during the night got clearer and clearer. We could see the different sections and suburbs of the city from the gridlines of light from the city, and the backdrop of the sky was just the sharpest fiercest sunset sky I've ever seen. From the horizon it started as a fire red hue, which faded into a mellow gold, before changing into a light hue of green, then finally it became a dark yet also fiercely illuminated blue. It's hard to describe, and the picture really does it no justice, but in short it was epic. Then I started smelling the cabin preparing food for the people who had bought meals, so my hunger started to emerge. So we whipped out the tupperware of goodies we brought and feasted on sweet potatoes with banana, baked apple, maple syrup and SRIRACHA! Then I also had a few Clif Bloks (which just taste like strawberry gummies), and 3 thick moist slices of banana bread (With sriracha lol). And after that delicious dinner, I settled in with my laptop to edit a bit before just getting some rest.

Then after some crazy turbulence, that was actually really scary ahah, we landed. And fuck I was so tired, but after waiting for our bags, I was re energized when BONNY CAME and picked us up and fuck I missed her so so much and just jumped into her arms. And after we came back I tried some Halva that she brought for me and fuck it tasted like a crunchy tahini cookie, and I just died. I love her so much already, but after this Halva my love for her is just next level. We just all sat on the couch talking and cuddling. I also put a Govegan sticker on Bonny''s bike for her that I brought from Adelaide and she loved it eheh. But even though I was high on life after seeing Bonny and Tim, I needed to go to bed. So by like 11:30 we finally got to sleep!