DAY 207

TODAY was our first day in GC woot woot! and we started it off with a crazy ride ahha. So Griff took us around some crazy route, and basically got us lost but it was a hilarious adventure. So basically after a few kms of climbing we saw this gravel road, and Griff was like: oh yea it's just 1 km then it brings us onto the road of another hill called Tomewin. it wasn't 1 km... more like 5 kms LOL and it was a SHIT gravel road, with huge rocks and just branches and crap all over the road. I was just so glad that Bonny was with me, she was so badass on the gravel and I was just following her since the guys just took off ahah. But they would always wait for us every so often which was nice :) Then after a few kms of the gravel I was honestly losing faith that the gravel would ever end, it just looked like it would keep going up and up and never get to an actual road ahha.

But boy was it so scenic and beautiful. The gravel road took us through such lush beautiful tropical rainforests. It was just like a tropical amazing jungle and I was just so in awe. Then Griff got a pinch puncture flat, and from that point on, the road got so much nicer ahha. And eventually to everyone's amazement, we hit ROAD! WOOT! At that point we all refuelled and ate some food, I had a cliff bar and some clif gel, then we hit the road for home. So we descended down Tomewin (which was so stunning) and rode along this super quiet road with massive cane sugar fields on either side of us! Then Bonny got a flat as well ahah, and after Tim fixed it up, we could see this massive dark cloud approaching us... and we knew that could only mean rain! ahah, but it really only pissed it down on us for a few minutes before the wind just blew it away. Then we rode home the rest of the way on smooth beautiful roads! On the last stretch before we got back, Bonny and i were just chatting about life, and friends and just being kind to ourselves and it was such a wonderful chat.

And after getting back and rolling, we all had some crazy sweet jackfruit that tasted like artificial berries, and some other wierd tropical fruit that Tim gave us to try. And after showering I had some dates dipped in tahini and pineapple that Tim cut up for us hehe. Then we headed off to dinner with Kirra and Daniel!!! And on the drive there we were talking heaps about gut biome and also stress which was super interesting. I haven't seen them in AGES and it was hilarious and so wonderful to catch up with them. We went to Tian Ran this epic vegan Chinese restaurant, and Bonny and I shared some veggie stir fry with bamboo shoots, as well as some wonton noodle soup with extra noodles and RICEEE!

I also had some of Kirra's "fish" and "spare ribs" and they were pretty tasty! And fuck, I had forgotten how funny Kirra was, she had me in stitches for so much of the night, and besides that she's just so passionate and firey! I loved catching up with them and just had the best night! Then I came home and had some more leftover pumpkin and rice with dates and tahini LOL. Then we called Margaux, and all just chilled out upstairs together for a few hours before finally getting some sleep around 11. :)