DAY 208

So this morning, we rode to Mount Tomewin and I did two efforts up it, and fuck it was tough. I was just not rested or feeling that flash, and I guess I wasn't used to the heat or climb, but it was a good challenge :) Bonny and Tim went home early, so it was just Griff and I on the ride back home, and while we were on the flat, Griff's gear cable snapped so his bike got stuck in the hardest gear in the small ring! Which was okay on the flat but the way back had quite a few steep kickers like 7% 10% gradient! And he had to grind at like 20 cadence and snake around heaps, but he was still dropping me! He was working so hard to just muscle his way up the climbs I felt so bad ahha. But against all odds he made it back without having to call Bonny! We also met a super cool ex pro when we were like 10 minutes from home ahah, and he gave me a big push up the last little kicker ahah. And after I got back, I shared a clif bar with Bonny, ate a heap of dates, and rolled for like 30 minutes with Bonny while discussing our dance history ahha. It was so fun just to talk about dance moves again and it reminded me of how beautiful dancing really is, and it brought back so many memories. Bonny also told me all about her dance past and it was so interesting to hear! Then after a shower, we went to get Griffs bike fixed and get some GROCERIES! So first we dropped off his bike at a small little shop with the friendliest mechanic, then we found a bulk health food shop called Garden of Eden, and got heaps of lentils, rice, and some oil free corn tortillas! WOOT! Then we went to Woolworths and literally got the BIGGEST food haul ever ahah.

We got shit tons of cereal of all sorts (including Sustain and maple crunch eheheh), maple syrup, bananas, all sorts of veggies, soy milk, avocados, wraps, vegetable stock, spices, juice, toilet paper, dish soap, potatoes, rice, and other goodies ehhe. Then because we forgot all our bags, but didn't want to get heaps of plastic, Tim went to the staff only place and got some cardboard boxes lol, and we just loaded them up in boxes. Then we also went to Coles to get some specific things like rice puffs, and to look for sriracha, which we FOUND there yay! And after that big haul, we drank juice and snacked on maple crunch cereal in the car while we headed to another bike shop to get Tim a 32 cassette, and while we were there I also tried on the comfiest bike shorts! The shammy just felt like it was molded to my ass. And I wanted bike shorts because it's tough to go pee on rides because I have to take my jersey off to take my bib shorts off which is super annoying. And since they were only $70 I snatched them up eagerly heeh. Then we rushed home so we could cook up a dinner feast since simone, Shane, Lindy and Dennis were coming over for dinner. But fuck when we got back the place was just a mess, there was shit all over the tables and counter tops, and after we unpacked everything we bought it was just next level cluttered. And honestly kind of overwhelming, but all 4 of us, just cracked down and started working like a well oiled machine, putting things away, and little by little getting the kitchen and place clean. Then after a cereal snack, on the balcony we started dinner prep.

Tim cooked up this crazy flavourful amazing tomato roasted pepper soup that was the tastiest soup I've ever had. We also made heaps of rice, guac, baked corn tortilla chips, corn, broccoli, and some other veg.

And by 6:30 everyone had come over, and the dinner party started! And boy it was way too fun, I feasted on like 4 plates of dinner, then 5 bowls of cereal for dessert ahah. But as tasty as dinner was, the dinner conversation was just invigorating. Pretty much one of the best conversations I've ever had. We were just talking about relationships, selfishness, forgiveness, the law of attraction, money, the mindset of scarcity VS abundance,  self confidence VS cockiness, and so much more. It was Bonny, Lindy, Simone and I talking in a corner, and all the guys talking in the lounge ahha, it wasn't meant to be that way, but that's what just naturally happened haha. And us 4 just seriously had the best time. I feel just so inspired and so flipping excited to go out into the world and LIVE LIFE AH. Then while talking to Shane, I realized that the ex pro was Robbie Mcewan, who was a tour rider in the Tour de france, apparently a big time rider, and is now a commentator for the tour de france... like WOAHHHH that's so cool... ahhaah. But fuck it was just the best day and best night.