DAY 209

Today was the chillest relaxed day and it was perfect, and what I needed especially cuz I have my period and was feeling a little poopy in my tummy all morning. So basically I spent all day just relaxing, editing, chatting, and drawing jewelry designs with Bonny. I finally started editing all the footage I've taken on the GC, and also answered emails and did a million other things that I've been meaning to do for ages. I had some cereal for breaky, and weetbix for lunch, but my tummy was just super crampy. But around 3, I got so hungry and my cramps were starting to go away. The guys went out to fly the drone while Bonny and I got a little dressed up for dinner at Greenhouse with Fabienne from YCL jewels! I wore a black dress that I packed for the first time since jetting off on my travels, and it was just super fun to get a little dolled up :)

So we drove over into the city and got their 30 minutes early, and as we were walking to the restaurant we passed a bike store, so we went in and looked for gloves for Bonny. It was a specialized bike shop, and usually the people that work in Specialized bike shops are assholes, but this guy was super friendly and funny, cracking jokes with us and super polite. But we think it was because we were both dolled up and looked really dressed up ahaha, and at the same time were dropping all these intense cycling vocab, so he was probably like woah ahha. We got to Greenhouse Canteen early and sussed out the menu, and we decided on getting the jackfruit enchilada, vietnamese pancake, and chick pea fries.

Then our two other dinner guests arrived, and I finally got to meet Fabienne after emailing her back and forth for ages. Her second in command Emily also came and they were both such quirky beautiful kind people. I just loved chatting and getting to know them. I so enjoyed hearing about how Fabienne started YCL (your core light), her journey to veganism, and just life story in general. Her view on the world, and business were just so refreshingly pure that I just fell in love with her. I also learnt heaps about Bonny and her past working in the film industry tonight which was super intriguing! But my favorite part about the night was when we just talked about all our future plans and ideas for future projects. It just got me so jazzed up on life and so excited for the future. Oh yea and the food was amazing. LIke seriously just to die for, such creative innovative tasty dishes. But it was way fattier than anything I've been used to in awhile so I felt a tad sick after ahha, but we still wanted to get dessert so Bonny and I shared a Banoffe pie with vanilla cashew icing, and coconut cream and fuck it was so decadent and sweet. Then around 9, we drove back and I had 3 more bowls of cereal for dessert, answered some messages, then went to bed around 11. :)