DAY 210

So we went to BYRON today since Griff's never been there, so if we wanted to ride, we'd have to wake up super early before leaving. I woke up early from nightmares since hearing about what happens in the greyhound racing industry with live baiting at dinner last night, but I didn't really feel like riding, I've just been loving the rest and just relaxing, so instead I got up and made pancakes for everyone! ahahha BUT this house has NO pancake making equipment. Seriously, no flipper spatula thingy's, no oil, and just wasn't very pancake friendly ahha, so I had to get creative. I basically had to use non stick baking paper to line the pan, on each side. And it was hilarious how slow and messy it was, BUT they turned out delicious ehhe. I also made a blueberry sauce and we ate it with tahini, halva and maple crunch ehhe.

They all loved them, which made me happy. They got all the later ones which I had mastered, and I just ate the ugly crappy ones that turned into pancake scramble ahah. Then after Bonny gave time a neck massage, we hit the road to BYRON! And we just had the best time! 

On the drive there, we were guessing the lyrics of Come on Eileen, which was hilarious. It's one of my all-time fav songs, but I've honestly NEVER known the lyrics, they're just so flipping random and the singer's just don't annunciate what so ever in the song, so it's just always so vague! Then once we got to Byron, we headed straight to the markets.

After looking around at all the produce, I tried some of Bonny's sugar can juice with passion fruit and it was off the hook crazy good. Then we bought Abiu, this lemon meringue fruit, sugar bananas, passion fruit, raspberries, lemonade fruit, finger lime (which looked like caviar), tomatoes, corn, sweet potatoes (that were white on the outside, and white on the inside apparently), red dragon fruit, pineapple, white guava, and more. eheh.

Then on our way out of the market, we ran into and met Tanya!!! The lovely person behind the amazing vegan apparel brand: In the soulshine. She was seriously such a beautiful wonderful soul I just couldn't get over it. And after that lovely meeting, we headed to the beach to soak up some sun. They all went into the water for a dip, but I'm just the biggest wuss in the cold so I stayed on the sand soaking up all the vitamin D.

And after just chilling on the sand, we all walked up to this little lookout to fly Bonny and Tim's drone!!! The area that we were standing on was pretty narrow, so we were all super nervous that the drone wouldn't be able to be aimed on the landing since the wind was quite strong. And after setting it all up, Tim nervously took up the control panel and off the drone went, but in the end, he mastered it and did an insane job! He did so many cool pan shots of the beach, and us on the lookout. But man that drone can fly so far away, so far away that it just disappears from sight, and whenever we couldn't see it with our naked eyes anymore Bonny would get super nervous and ask Tim to fly it back! ahah she had separation anxiety whenever the drone left us for too long. :P By that time it was after 1 and we were pretty hungry for lunch, and the last time Bonny and Tim were here they went to this super underrated amazing cafe called Elements Cafe Byron Bay, and got the most incredible jungle plate.

It was basically Brazillian soul food and I've seriously never had such unique intense flavours, and it was basically like a flavour explosion in my mouth. It was basically just the most flavourful quinoa that was cooked with beets, carrots, mushrooms, zucchini and all sorts of other goodies, with the most hectic slow cooked black beans that just mixed in and melted with the quinoa. There was also a sweet and hearty dried banana that gave the dish a sweet aspect, as well as some tempeh and a salad with cashew mayo. One of the best meals I've ever had. I also had some of Griffs acai bowl and it was the first acai bowl that was ACTUALLY sweet. During lunch, they were showing me how to eat with a knife and fork, because tbh I've never actually learnt. I grew up eating with chopsticks, then as I aged and started using forks and what not, I would always just eat with one hand, and could never get the fork knife combo down pat. But I started practicing it today, and I'm getting better at it :P. Then after lunch, we drove back home while trying to guess what herbs and spices they had used in lunch. We were convinced that it was rosemary, parsley and other things but the chef said it wasn't. He wouldn't tell us the main secret ingredient but did mention that he used bay leaf, pepper and garlic. But a few minutes into the drive Tim had this lightbulb moment and was convinced that it was caraway seeds. And after searching up what they look like, we were pretty sure he was right. The rest of the way home, we ate ice berg lettuce, talked about travels, cycling climbs, altitude sickness, played riddles and did a lot of other random shit. Then when we got home, we feasted on all the fruit that we bought, and holy fuck... it was the most amazing fruit I've like ever had. first we got into some crazy sweet red dragon fruits, pineapples, passionfruit, and apple bananas. Then I got to try rollinia and abiu for the first time... and fuck I've never had any fruit more amazing. The Abiu tasted like maple syrup custard and the rollinia was like a cherimoya but instead just tasted like lemon meringue pie. I think rollinia might just be my all time favorite fruit...

It was so so so creamy and sweet and tart and just an insane texture... FUCK I need more of that in my life.

Then I layed on Bonny's lap and watched her edit for awhile (she's such a fucking pro) before getting a shower, and changing for dinner at Lindy's place. But around 6, one of my newer clients called me in the midst of a full blown panic attack, and it was such an emergency that I decided to skype her right away. When I was waiting for her to call me back, the guys and I had this incredibly prolific conversation about Eating disorders, and our reliance on asthetics and where we believe that stems from. By the time we finished it was already 8, and I had eaten about 5 bowls of cereal with like half a jar of tahini with my client to help with her fear of fats and processed food so I was about to pop, and was just mentally exhausted as well. So I just skipped out on dinner and instead watched some clips of Eckhart Tolle on Youtube. that guy is a fucking legend, his words carry so much wisdom and ring such profound truths that it gives me chills.