DAY 211

What a beautiful freaking day here on the gold coast! So all 4 of us headed out on a ride. We went up a climb by our place, and all of us hit it pretty hard! After the climb, we just rolled up the rest of the climb, and admired the banana plants and incredible view. A few dogs ran out at us, but we barked and scared them away.

After that climb Bonny rode back to rest and edit her videos, and us 3 continued on to Mount Tomewin. We climbed up that climb, and then rolled down the other side of the hill until we realized all of us were practically out of water, so Tim mentioned he saw an Organic farm further up, so we rode back to the farm to see if we could get some water. And that ended up being the best cycling pit stop EVER. So it was one of those farm stands that sell produce based on trust, so no one was manning the stall, they just put out the produce, named the prices per kilos, and had a place to put the cash. They also had a huge water tank with the sweetest water, so we all filled our bottles up, then had a cherimoya each and fuck the cheriomoyas were soooooo ripe and sweet and flavourful. The best cherimoya I've ever had. We sat at a picnic table by a lookout and ate our cherimoya's together.

Then we headed on home since it was already noon! On the way home I was just drafting Tim and Griff the entire stretch on the flats so I was barely pushing any watts, but we had a hectic headwind so the guys were both sweating up a storm while I just sat nice and cosy behind them on their wheel ahha. They also sprinted up every little hill kicker on the way home while I just took it nice and steady, so by the time we got home they were fully cooked ahah. But I felt okay :) I spent awhile just stretching and foam rolling out on the balcony with Bonny. Then after a bowl of cereal I showered, and spent the rest of the arvo editing. And around 3:30 we started making dinner for our mukbang video eheh. We made all my fav foods basically heeh, INCLUDING WHITE SWEET POTATOES ON THE OUTSIDE AND INSIDE, and then also had a crazy banana ice cream dessert with cereal. But man we just talked about such incredible deep topics. I just can't even write them all out, you'll just have to watch the video when I upload it eheh.

Then after cleaning up, and having another bowl of cereal, Bonny and I both sat down and started editing away some more.