DAY 212

We went for a super relaxed ride today with Simone and Shane. Bonny wanted to get some drone footage of us riding, so Tim took the drone, but after a few minutes of riding it started sprinkling :( We rode a few kms up the climb by our place and were just chatting and cruising through the sprinkling rain. After we got to the top, we just ducked under a tree to wait the rain out, and were listening to Simone's stories and her obsession with the red hot chilli peppers. She knows so much about them, and loves them so dearly it made me want to binge listen to all their songs! But by the time the rain stopped, the sun had come out and it looked beautiful and definitely drone friendly weather. So we set up the drone, and got some hectic footage by the banana plants, and some of us riding as well. Then we headed back home, but right when we started riding it started POURING down, so it was a very wet ride home, but after awhile riding in the rain becomes super fun and freeing. When we got home, Bonny and I started rolling and stretching right away while the guys showered. We spent ages just rolling together, and singing songs from Frozen ahah. We both feel like we can never roll enough, I honestly feel like I could roll all day, and it still not be enough haahah. Then I showered, had a few bowls of weetbix, and did a tad of editing. 

So we went to easy house for the most epic feed. The owners were so sweet and I was chatting with them in Mandarin AHHA, I found out that yum cha is actually ying cha in Mandarin. Which translates to like "little eats/snacks" so we got sooooo much yum CHA it was honestly insane AHHA. And Bonny and I took all the plates to an outside table so we could get a nice shot in good lighting for Instagram haha. Our server was so accommodating and he brought out pretty bowls of sauce for our photo and moved our table into a place with better lighting.

We got plates and plates of pumpkin, broccoli, chicken, mushroom and bok choy dumplings and then also so many servings of dim sims (which were the best dim sims of my life) we ate them with sweet and sour sauce, and soy sauce EHEH. Then we also got oyster sauce veggies with chicken corn soup and rice. And we went for dinner with Shane, Simone and TANYA! And holy moly, I can see why her company is called inthesoulshine because her soul truly shines. I got to hear her story to veganism and how she started her business which was just amazing to hear. And can I just say, she's 27 with two kids and fuck she looks my age. She's glowing and sexy and beautiful as anything. Just shining with radiance. But her most special quality is just how genuinely intrigued she is in everything you have to say.

When you're talking to her you just feel as if you're the only person in the universe, and you feel as if she's fully invested in what you're saying. Then after we were all stuffed, we just sat at dinner chatting and hanging. And after awhile when we were thinking of leaving the servers told us that Tanya had gotten up and paid for ALL of us! Like wtf? Too kind! We were wanting to pay her back and not reallycokaycwith it, but she was insistent. So after that, we decided to go get some gelato for dessert. But first we went to Simone's colonic clinic, and we found some amazing vegan products there. And so as a present to thank her for dinner Bonny and I bought some exfoliation and cleanser for Tanya. Then I also bought some amazing all natural cinnamon toothpaste, and after getting gelato we walked to the boardwalk and stood by the ocean. Bonny and I just hugged and kept warm together, and around 9 we headed back to the car for home. Right before leaving, Tanya ran to her car to give us some shirts that she brought for us. She said she was so honoured that we loved her stuff and wanted to make sure that we had all of the shirts! So she literally gave me like 4 incredible shirts, and also gave the guys some of the eat veggies not animals tees in the male cut. Like fucking heck, I just can't deal with the kindness and generosity that flows from her heart.