DAY 186

So today was the Coast to Coast ride, which is basically an organized ride from the Freeway in Adelaide to Victor Harbour. I did this ride during the TDU, but that was the ride where I basically got my knee injury, so I didn't really finish it. So when I heard about this ride I was absolutely determined to do it and FINISH it this time! The ride to Victor I think is just over 100kms, but we were going to Silver Sands after to stay at Anton's family home there for a few days just for a change in scenery, and to explore some new roads! So the plan was to just ride from Victor to Silver Sands after. But I really wanted to do a ride that was 200kms since I haven't done that yet, so I thought maybe I'd just extend the ride and go on some flats after if I felt good. Well that was the plan at least! So we met at 7:45 by the freeway, I got there early and just chatted with Andrew while we waited for the rest of the vegan crew to arrive. So by 8, the people doing the coast to coast started riding by. There were probably over 5000 riders total who did the ride, and it was so fun just being around so many cyclists, and dropping most of them ehhe. There were so many just like overweight guys grinding that would bomb it down the hills, then we'd just pass them up the climbs ahha. But man today was a hard ride. I just didn't feel fresh because of the big week of riding I've had, and especially the big ride on thursday, so it wasn't even that I wasn't eating enough, or didn't have the energy, it was just that my legs were so fatigued. And we were riding at a really decent pace. We got to Victor harbour before 1 and just blasted our way there the entire way. It took me really quite awhile before I started feeling alright though, I was just really struggling to keep up with the guys, but I finally found my groove about 70 kms in. I think that I ate a weird combo for breakfast too ahha and the food was just stuck in my rib area for awhile before finally settling in ahha. I had heaps of porridge, then chugged juice on top of that... lol don't ever do that guys ahha.  I rode most of the ride with Cleo, Griff, Adam, Anton, Lachlan, Brad and his friend. 

OH JUST ALSO BTW, Cleo had me try this combo of hazelnuts stuffed in dates, and it's fucking amazing... you need to try it.

Also during the stretch where I was kinda struggling, this cyclist, pulled up beside me and was just helping me out by blocking the wind a bit, and I got chatting with him and guess what, he was born in VANCOUVER! pretty cool eh?

OH YEA I FORGOT TO MENTION the entire fucking way to Victor Harbour there was a hecticly strong headwind, and that really more than anything else just killed me. Because I'm so light, the wind just really buffets me around and I felt like at times, the wind was like just tossing me around like a leaf in the wind. But it was good that I had all the guys with me, so for lots of the ride I was riding on their wheels in their slip stream. I stayed on Adam's wheel for quite a bit, being behind him is like prime cycling real estate. He's so tall and big and just blocks so much wind it's epic! So the guys were just really cruising, but for me that pace was pretty tough ahah, but because they're so fit, they just kept playing like cat and mouse and surging, doing sprints here and there lol. And I'm just dying thinking: HOW... are you sprinting up a climb when you've done like 100 kms? lol, So when we got to Victor Harbour, we refilled our bottles, picked some cherry tomatoes we found in a bush ahah, then went to Woolworths to buy well food. We got more clif bars and gels, and then after a 20 minute or so break we hit the road again. The second 100 kms after Victor Harbour was so much easier for me than the first, I guess because my body had finally gotten used to the riding, and I had caught up on my calories! So we rode Northeast through the most BEAUTIFUL landscape. Barren land to lush forests, to reservoirs, and mountains it was just epic scenery. Then because Anton, Griff and I were staying at Silver Sands, and Adam and Cleo needed to go back to Adelaide so we parted ways about 180 kms in. Then I had about 20 kms left to do, and Anton and Griff didn't have to, but they just kept riding with me around Silver Sands until I GOT IT! I did an extra km just in case strava reads it differently from my Garmin ahha. I felt so happy and accomplished, and just so fulfilled. Like what's next, 300, 400 kms? haha anyways. IT WAS A HUGE RIDE, and a HUGE week of cycling for me. I did 201 kms today with 2362m of elevation, and this week total I did 530 kms with like 9000m of elevation ahah. It's been my biggest week of cycling ever! I ate so much on the ride (5 cliff bars, a few dates, 5 gels) but man I was flipping SO HUNGRY after still! So after getting to our place, I skulled some water, stuffed tons of grapes in, had a banana, then we raced to the shops before the closed and bought heaps of groceries.

We got CEREAL duh, rice, veggies, soy milk, sauces, beans, pasta, sugar and stock cubes, then the guys cooked (I know I'm so spoilt) while I showered and wrote this blog post ahha. They made the most INCREDIBLE feast, of gluten free fettuccine pasta with this insane vegetable tomato sauce with broccoli, beans, green beans, eggplant, capsicum, swiss chard, and more eheh. I also had a few plates of rice with sweet chilli sauce, and man was it fucking tasty.

Then I had 5 bowls of sustain cereal with freedom foods maple crunch cereal, bananas, grapes, some rice, soy milk and sugarrrrr. And we sat talking about so many incredible topics like societies expectations on people, and how hard it is for us to relate to our old friends just because we've changed so much, we talked about cycling (duh), money, our education system and more hah. Then after we cleaned up we all rugged up in sweaters, made tea and sat by the gas heater and it was amazing.