DAY 187

So today was just an easy relaxing day spent in Silver sands. I woke up around 8, then we just all sat by the gas heater chilling and looking at footage from yesterday's ride, then after about an hour we headed out for an easy cruise, or that was the intention at least.

But because we wanted to avoid main roads, we ended up on a 15 km gravel road with quite a few hard climbs and descents. And fuck I really hate gravel and used to be really fearful of it, but by just forcing myself to go on gravel I've basically gotten over my fear of it, and I'm getting so much more confident on gravel and better at bike handling on gravel. One of the descents was super steep and with some steep corners so I just went crazy slow. And when I got to the bottom Griff told me I'd done a good job and was riding well. And just that little comment was so appreciated, it's so encouraging and I really am so grateful for his support. But man this entire ride I just was feeling tired and not really myself. I guess that's because it was the day after my biggest ride ever ahha. But then to top that off, as we were coming down Wilunga hill into the town I almost died. So I was descending well in the bike lane, and not going that fast (thank goodness), the guys were way ahead of me and I just let them speed off and I went at my own pace. But about midway down the hill I saw a car doing a U-turn, and before I knew it I saw that she was in my bike lane and I was descending down at 40 km an hour, and I was about 4 seconds from either ramming right into her boot, or squeezing by her car and the parked car on the side and getting T-boned. So I started braking like crazy and just shrieking. I just screamed and I didn't even make any coherent words or thoughts, just a shrieking sound. I was honestly seeing my life flash before my eyes, and my heart rate sky rocketed. And I think because of my screaming, the lady stopped, and I was JUST able to squeeze by her car and the parked car. And right after I did, I got off my bike, turned around and lost it at the lady. I was crying and just screaming"you almost killed me, you almost killed me, didn't you see me?" When the guys heard me screaming they stopped and turned around and JUST caught me squeezing by the car, and they lost it at the driver for me too. Anton said he almost shat himself when he heard my shrieks and Griff said he thought I crashed again. But Griff started screaming and swearing at the driver, and all she said was: well sorry. and then she started swearing at us... then just drove off....

I was still so shaken up, and another super nice lady came over and asked if I was alright, and that she saw the entire thing, and just making sure everything was fine. Then we sat down outside a bakery just drinking water and letting myself calm down a bit. Then as soon as I was settled we gunned it home. It was a super awful headwind and we were just on a straight exposed road, but I just stayed on Griffs wheel and managed alright. But I was definitely tired when we got back. We did about 70 kms with 1000 m of elevation ahah and it was supposed to be a recovery ride lol.

Anyways, I was hungry after just having a bowl of cereal for breakfast, and after the ride so I just ate whatever we had in the house since I had a client in 3 minutes ahah. So I ended up eating left over rice, pasta, with sweet chilli sauce and raisins. Yup it was horrendous ahah but I just needed food. Then I had my coaching call which went spectacularly. And after that I finally showered, got a massage, then we went to the shops for food. We got more cereal, soy milk, bananas, frozen mangoes, lentils, and tea eheh. And all 3 of us got into the kitchen and cooked up a feast.

We made rice, steamed greens, carrots, and curry veggie stock dahl which was seriously the most delicious thing. I had about 3 plates with heaps of avocado and sweet chilli sauce. Then had 3 MASSIVE bowls of cereal with bananas, frozen mango, sugar, and soy milk.

Then we walked to the beach and watched the most beautiful vibrant sunset. It was so peaceful and serene on the beach, and I took so many incredible photos.

Then I came back, had some more cereal. Then just chilled with the guys.