DAY 188

So yesterday Anton was saying that he was feeling just not the greatest. A tad feverish and just really run down, and this morning he felt better but still not ace, so he skipped out on the morning ride, and Griff and I just did like a 45 km loop around the area! We went to Wilunga, rode up the hill twice, then looped back to ride along the beach road.

On our way home along the beach we had a tail wind, the sun was out and we were just riding no hands cruising basically being blown by the wind haha and it was so peaceful and wonderful. I just felt so free and happy! Then I showered, and led Griff through my stretching routine, before all 3 of us sat down to some pretty intriguing conversations about how in nature, if we observe animals many of them are actually highly concerned about their aesthetics, and we were wondering what the emotional health of those animals were compared to other animals that dont emphasize their aesthetics as much. We also chatted about concepts like entitlement, chronic laziness in our society, and where we think that stems from. Then we got to massaging, and ended up in a massage train all massaging each others backs and shoulders. Then it was time for my coaching call. I ate some leftover dahl with rice during my call, and had 2 cliff bars with her because it was one of her fear foods, so we tackled it together! ahah. Then after the call, I had some cereal with lots of bananas and sugar, before calling my mom up for a quick chat. I haven't talked to her in ages, and we had lots to catch up on ehhe. It's not really that I miss Vancouver, as much as that I do just miss my family, friends, and certain parts of my life from home. I miss walking along the quiet streets of my neighbourhood surrounded by cherry blossoms blooming, I miss the pine tree forests, I miss the majestic snow capped mountains, and more. BUT saying that, I was just talking to Griff on the ride how Adelaide is really starting to feel like home to me and I'm seriously so sad to leave it. I've been in Adelaide over 4 months now and FUCK I just have had the BEST time of my life. Seriously. And I've made the best friends, and truly discovered myself and my happiness here and I just feel so blissed out. I'm going to miss all the people and the vegan community here in Adelaide oh so much. :(

Then I spent the rest of the afternoon just finding music and editing videos, before prepping dinner. We cooked up a load of bok choy, broccolini (posh broccoli), cabbage, rice, sweet potatoes and more DAHL! And of course, I ate a few rounds, and drowned it all in sweet chilli sauce before having way too many rounds of cereal haah. I lost count... I had cereal with bananas, mangoes, rice, raisins, sugar and soy milk and it was as always tasty as fuck.