DAY 189

Woke up around 7 today and went and sat by the gas heater with the guys, while drinking Rooibos tea (the best tea ever) and eating cereal. After a slow start, we all started cleaning the place since we were leaving that day. I cleaned the toilet, and vaccumed while the guys cleaned the kitchen. Then after packing up, doing the bed, and filling up our bottles, Griff and I hit the road. Anton was driving back with our bags, and Griff and I were riding home. So I've never really ever ridden point to point with a purpose. I've always just gone somewhere then ridden around for fun, but this was the first time that I was riding from point A to point B as a destination and it was wierd ahah. It was just such a different mentality for me. Instead of it being me just going out on my bike for an adventure, this seemed more just like a task, and I found it a lot more difficult to enjoy the ride rather than just blast through it and have a mentality of getting it over with and done. So the first half of the ride we rode along a bike path and not on main roads, which was super nice. We just cruised along the paths, said hi to commuters, and chatted. The rain had come last night, and it came in spurts during our ride as well, but because the ground and nature around the path were wet, the smell was just so much stronger, and that smell of wet pine trees, and grass just reminded me so much of home it was crazy. Just that smell sent me right back to Autumn in Vancouver, walking among pine tree forests with my mom, drinking tea in our kitchen in my favorite Christmas socks, listening to sound of music songs, and playing board games with my brother. But it wasn't the kind of memory that made me feel homesick, it was more just a very fond happy memory of home that made me just appreciate my home, my family and life. Then after we got off the bike path, we had to ride along this highway and loads of main roads, and it was just GROSS. I hated riding in heavy traffic, and there was this one HUGEEEE truck that came so close to us we could have reached out and touched the side of the truck. Griff raced away and chased him down at the light, and was screaming at the driver. The driver said he didn't have to give us a meter and a half since we were in the bike lanes, but that's NOT true, and plus even if it was, it's like why wouldn't you do that anyways out of common courtesy for our LIVES. We could have been so easily just squashed by the truck. UGH sometimes drivers are just such assholes to cyclists. The rest of the ride home wasn't too bad for cars though and we got back into the city safe and sound. Entering the city and starting to see familiar buildings, streets, and shops just gave me this warm feeling of coming home. MAN I just love Adelaide ahah. Then after getting home I made some rice and ate it with loads of sriracha. Then had rice with jam as well and loads of cereal ahha before a biggg session of foam rolling. And after Anton dropped off my stuff I showered, did laundry, got groceries, edited for a bit, then took a nap haha. THENNNN MARGAUX CAME OVER FOR DINNER! AND IT WAS SO FUCKING AWESOME. We were gonna watch a movie but we just got so carried away chatting and just hanging out that we forgot ahha. She brought over sweet potatoes, broccoli and lentils, and I made heaps of rice, and we ate it all with sauerkraut, kimchi and I drowned mine in sweet chilli sauce and srirachaaaa hehe.

Then had about 15 dates (no joke) with bananas, cereal, rice, jam, PB2 powder and grapes for dessert. Then we just chilled in on my bed watching some videos, talking about nothing and everything, laughing, and just enjoying each others company hehe.

Then around 9 she left, and after walking her to her car, I stayed outside for awhile just watching the stars. Then came back to answer some emails and do some stretching before going to bed just after 10. GOOD NIGHT WORLD XX