DAY 190

So today I just woke up at 6 without an alarm, and couldn't get back to bed. So I just got up and got my day started. Made myself a nice big bowl of oats, replied to some comments, then went for a ride. So I went up Nortons, then as I was coming down I saw Andrew going up so I turned around and went up with him, then after we did Woodlands and Lofty, so it turned out to be a pretty rad ride :) The entire time we were just chatting about jobs, sports we used to love (before becoming obsessed with cycling), travelling and... TAHINI lol and weird food combos ahha. We both love strange combinations of flavours and foods and have decided to have a night where we just cook up a bunch of wacky combos to try, and i'll film it all so yall can join us in spirit ahha. Then I came home, stretched, showered, had a coaching call and ate lunch through skype with my client ahah. Then went to the Giant store to get my bike serviced. I brought my laptop because I knew it would probably take awhile, and just sat on the grass outside editing and getting chillier and chillier by the second ahha. ITS FUCKING SO COLD IN ADELAIDE ATM! K its not THAT cold but I just didn't dress appropriately ahah so maybe it's more my fault... lol. I also called Shelby (who isn't feeling so flash) and we made plans to hang out like EVERYDAY ahah cuz we're both leaving and parting ways soon and I wont see her till next january.. GAH how sad. Then I went on a hunt for public toilets since my bladder was bursting (I had to pee so bad ahha) and ended up going to a hungry jacks, that's the only thing those places are good for. Besides spreading cancer, obesity and heart disease the only actual service to society they can offer is free toilets. lol... but actually haah. Then I picked up my bike around 4, biked back while shivering non-stop. And went straight to Coles to buy more groceries. I got pasta, pasta sauce, cereal, puffed corn, soy milk, and HEAPS OF DATES! and had a snack of dates, corn puffs and soy milk while making dinner for the little dinner gathering at Nicoles tonight. I made like this rissoto/rice type dish, then Federica picked me up and we headed over. So it was Nicole, Anthony, Griff, Federica, Margaux, Jeremy, Cleo, and I and we all feasted.

So there was rice, lentils, soup, pasta with homemade mushroom tomato spinach sauce, sweet potatoes, bread, and more eheh. I had 3 big bowls of food, then me and Shannon made a massive bowl of cereal together eheh. We put in rice, sustain, vanilla soy milk, sugar, bananas, and dates together and Shannon loved it, but everyone else gave us shit for putting rice in it, lol.

It was a wonderful night of just eating, chatting and spending time with friends eheh. Then I came home and read the book that Shannon lent me called room before going to bed. :)