DAY 191

day 191: Today we went for the easiest of easy rides and it was exactly what I needed. I honestly barely went over 100 watts the entire ride ahha and didn't sweat a single drop, we just all cruised up easy and chatted. Nicole and Griff were telling Federica and I about the ride they did in Chiang Mai last year up Doi Inthanon and it sounds fucking hecticccc! I really wanna try to do it but I'm so nervous after hearing their descriptions of it haha. Anyways, then after the ride, I came home and had a heap of oats with dates and pb 2 powder, showered, foam rolled, and then had a few coaching calls. After my coaching calls I called my friend Shelby and we had a beautiful chat hehe, and I just felt so excited about life, and so much better after that chat. Then I had lunch and had another coaching call. But after that second one I was pretty pooped so I just had a bit of a lay down before going to Jens' for chiro and a pizza night with their family!!! Nicole picked me up around 5 and we headed over hehe. So it was Jens' family plus Griff, Nicole, Anthony and I. So we ended up making 6 pizzas ahah, with two other pizza bread type things which I ate with salsa and boy they were fucking tasty. We topped them with artichokes, tomatoes, capsicum, mushrooms, red onion, bio cheese, pineapple, olives, spinach and thyme.

YUMMMMMMMOOOOOO! I had about 8 slices...One was made with this super doughly base, and the others were super delicious and crispy, and we all feasted on them while watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. Figsy was running around stealing our seats and cuddling with everyone in turn ahah. I also made a few dessert wraps with tahini, jam, banana, dates and figs, then I also had a huge bowl of 4 bananas, dates, jam, figs, tahini and maple syrup and it was amazing. BUT BOY the best part was the movie, holy fuck it was so intense. I am so excited to watch Part 2 now.... EEEK. Then Jens adjusted us all, and we all sat around and chatted some more before finally heading back at 10. And after having one last bowl of cereal I went to bed hehe.