DAY 192

So this morning we did a bit of a different loop. We went up Gorge road, up corkscrew, down pound road, up Little Italy then just back to Nortons and it was such a fun new little loop. Right at the end of the ride, Griff started getting an allergic reaction, his chest got tight, and his lips started to swell. We think it might have been because of the apples that Him and cleo picked during the ride ahah. They were tasty tart apples, but they might have just sprayed something on the skin that Griff reacted to. So when we passed a Pharmacy, we all ducked in and waited with Griff while he took some anti histamines and sat down to recover. The pharmacy had these hilarious like "diet" bars, and the instructions for using them just cracked me up. They were called "Low Energy Diet bars" like who the fuck wants to live a life with low energy? lol. And they said to consume the bars with no calorie fluid, lol... aka WATER! ahah, man the diet industry is just so fucked and hilarious. So after chilling at the pharmacy till Griff started feeling better, we just rolled down Nortons and I came home to a nice warm shower, and a bowl of warm weetbix which looked like sewage sludge ahha. Then I had a coaching call, had a late lunch of dates, and after that I spent a few hours editing the video I've been working on these last few days. Then Andrew picked us up, and we headed to Shelby's house and made food so that it'd be ready when she came home from work hehe. We baked up heaps of sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and potatoes. Then I just made some greens and would have called it a day, but Griff and Andrew wanted to make a lentil dahl, so I left them to it. They stir fried onions, garlic, and tomatoes with all these amazing herbs, then added some lentils and chickpeas and it was so flavourful! Then Shelby came home, and I gave her the BIGGEST HUG! And we had a little girl chat in her room and just caught up heaps heeh, I missed her and her beautiful family so so so much.

Mumma meg also set up a big blanket on their living room floor, and also lit up the fireplace so there was a roaring fire going, and it was so nice and cosy. Then Tori and her friend Ethan came over as well and we all feasted. I had 3 plates of dinner, and ate everything with tahini and fig jam of course, and SRIRACHA!

Then for dessert I had 4 bowls of gluten free weetbix with bananas, maple syrup, tahini, fig jam and VANILLA BLISS SOYMILK! YUMMMOO AND GUESS WHAT WE WATCHED?! THE LAST HARRY POTTER, and holy fuck I WAS DYING. IT WAS SO INTENSE AND SO FUCKING GOOD. I COULDN'T SNAP CHAT OR DO ANYTHING, I was just rivetted and just so intrigued the entire time. I kept telling everyone to shush because I couldn't hear it haha.