DAY 213

So we were planning on doing the Burleigh Hill walk this morning, but we woke up to a rainy cold morning and justthought... fuck it haha. So instead we chilled out, drank chai tea, and edited some vids before going for BRUNCH (well breaky basically since it was at 8:30) at Cardamom pod. So we left a little late, and ended up being late to breakfast, oopsies ahah. So my friends Katie, Sophie, Molly and Meg joined us for breakfast, and Bonny's friend Ella and Josh joined us too, so it was a full house! We got the outdoor table seat, and all looked at the menu to order up a feast. Bonny and I shared an acai bowl and pumpkin pancakes. I also got a soy chai latte to warm me up, and it was sweet, frothy and creamy. But fuck my life, they were the most beautiful delicious breakfast foods I've ever eaten. The acai bowl had this seriously hectic mango like icing on it, with tangy crunchy granola, lotsa fruit, and a dessert raw treat. And the pumpkin pancakes had vanilla ice cream, chocolate bark, maple syrup, caramelised bananas, and loads more fruit.

They just tasted like thanksgiving and pumpkin pie, and I was just in heaven. But I could only really eat some of the food before my stomach started cramping up. My period was ending today, and I always get awful cramps in the beginning and end of my period, which was just awful timing since this food was AMAZING and I just wanted to eat all of it :( But despite my stomach it was just the best breakfast date ever because I got to catch up with so many of my friends who I haven't seen since I was last in Queensland which was in October!

CRAZY how time just flies. I was just laughing my ass off, and just so happy to be around them, and to hear all their stories about what they've been up to and what's changed in their life. Katie's getting married in Bali in June and I really want to come to her wedding, so maybe if I can find cheap flights I'll come over ahah. Everyone loved their food and scoffed it down in no time, then we just sat in the restaurant chatting away, before they finally kicked us out since they had another booking at 10:30 ahha. So we just stood around outside the restaurant and continued our chat. We talked about adoption, dogs, marine animals, skin, candida, tattoos, travelling and so much more random shit that I can't even remember haha. And finally after an hour of more chatting we parted ways :( IT was sad to see them go but I'm sure I'll be back soon to eat and chat with them again! From there, we went to a random mall to try to get a drone for Griff, but the camera store didn't have them in stock, and we ended up buying some more groceries from Coles, and also stocking up on some trashy magazines so that Bonny and I could film a video just ripping their diet advice apart ahah. We found some hilariously awful mags that were recommending things like 5:2 diet, low carb, restriction, and all that bull shit, and picked up about 5 magazines ahah. Then after we got those errands done, we headed home. And after editing, and looking through photos, we filmed our magazine video. That video ended up being super long because we both just got so carried away and passionate about the topics we were discussing, and it was 4 by the time we finished.

By then the guys had started dinner (bless them). They made black rice, pumpkin, bok choy, a lentil tomato curry dahl, baked sweet potatoes, corn avocado salsa, and some more avocado mashed into the rice. I ate it with lots of sweet chilli sauce, tahini and maple syrup.

Then also had a few bowls of dessert rice with corn puffs, rice, soy milk, pumpkin, maple syrup, bananas, raspberries and tahini. And because I'd never seen the movie Babe, we all ate and watched it together in the lounge. And fuck it's the cutest movie ever. The pig is so adorable, and the message behind the movie is way too precious and so strongly vegan. It just made me so happy to watch haha. Then we rolled for a bit, played some riddles and just chatted some more before heading to bed!