DAY 222

So today was just crazy. I was going to do efforts today up Doi Suthep, but I woke up with just a super crampy pained stomach, so instead I just tried to hold an endurance pace up, which was actually really tough for me. EEE I'm just not feeling super strong on the bike these days, but that's okay, I'll just keep at it, day after day and hopefully I'll get back to where I was before :) So after going up Doi Suthep I just chilled at the top with the guys for awhile, and right when I was going to head down, they all decided they were gonna go a few more kms up to the palace so I joined them. A few of them sped off, but I was not feeling anything besides a lazy crawl up ahha so I just cruised up with Chris and Jesse. Once we got to the palace, I found the guys chatting about running in the afternoon, and I was like, man they're crazy. But after awhile, they convinced me that they'd go super slow and just do a few kms, so we decided to meet at 2 for a light jog. I haven't run in, god knows how long, so I was honestly scared ahah. So after I came home, I stretched, uploaded my mukbang video with Bonny ahah, showered, ate some weetbix with mangoes and rice, then got to editing. I took a lunch break and just drank a mango malee juice and had another bowl of weetbix with maple sugar and soy milk. Then I got ready for the run. So I realized that my running tank was dirty, so since it's like 43 degrees, I just wore my running shorts and a sports bra, put on my runners, got my helmet on, met Griff, and off we went to meet Veggard, Jesse, and Erwan at the uni. We were planning on running at the uni lake then off to the track. So when we got to the gates, we locked up our bikes, and I nervously stood around waiting to start running. I was seriously so nervous guys... like I am NOT a confident runner, and I knew it was gonna hurt like hell whatever pace we went and however short the run was ahah. So eventually, we set off, and even though it was a super slow pace, my legs were starting to hurt right away and my breathing was just wack. It's crazy how you can become so accustomed to one sport (cycling) and as soon as you do something else you're just like so noob ahah. But after a few minutes it started to not feel so shit ahah. The guys all took it really slow for me (thank god), but I was still dying on the end, and cramped up after just a km or two ahah. We ended up running once around the uni lake then straight to the track. There I ran twice around the track then did a few 200m "strides" which was really just me running at my usual slow as fuck pace ahah. And by then the sun was just relentlessly beating down on us, and we were all sooooo dehydrated. And as if it was a message from the universe to stop running, the guard came out and said that the track was actually closed and that we aren't supposed to be on it ahha, OOPS. So we left and just called it a day. By the time we got back to our bikes I had done over 5 kms! I deffs surprised myself by how much I ended up enjoying it. It was such a different kind of how than cycling, but a high none the less!

And after the run, I rode to Erwans place where we filmed a bike cleaning video. He showed me all his tricks of the trade and fuck, after about 40 minutes of cleaning my bike looked literally new. I had never seen the cassette and chain so shiny and clean, it was so epic. Then by then it was dinner time, so I rode home, put some sweet potatoes, rice, and veggies on, and showered. Then while my food was cooking I walked over to MAYA to get some of those epic rice paper spring rolls that they sell at the vegetarian stand and guess who else was there? The whole crew: veggard, eva, jesse, chris and griff. Then I also ran into natasha, luca and a new friend Felix! So I decided to walk back to Greenhill, grab my food and bring it to the food court to eat with them all. So back I went, and on my way over to MAYA with my huge tupperware of carbs, I passed the taxi stand thing, thats on the way to MAYA, and all the thai drivers were like smiling and pointing to my huge container of food ahah. So I ate my sweet pot with maple sugar and sweet chilli sauce, and my rice and veggies with yellow srirachaaa!!!!

And it was awesome just to chat with Natasha and Luca! They're so busy and dedicated to youtube that it's not often I get to see them, so it was lovely to get to just be around their beautiful energy! Then a guy sat down beside me, and since he was eating food from the vegetarian stand, we eventually found out that he was vegan and High Carb vegan for that matter, as well! His name is Brendon, he's from LA, and he's living in CM! Super cool how popping the vegan community here is! and around 7:30 I headed home, and passed the taxi drivers again, and they pointed to my tupperware smiling, and asked if I had shared it. And I said: nope all for me. ahah and I told them I was Gin Jae (vegan) and they all nodded and gave me a thumbs up. Then I just started chatting to them, I asked them their names in thai, and learnt how to say good night! ahha And then I headed home, had some more dessert weetbix with fruit, soy milk, and maple sugar while editing. Before finally getting to bed around 10.