DAY 224

Today was just amazing. So I woke up, and just was not feeling up for a ride, so instead I just slept in, did some stretching then got started on writing more of my ebook. I basically wrote all morning and all afternoon. I took breaks for weetbix, dates, and almond butter and jam sandwiches. I also took a few breaks to watch youtube videos and give my mind a break every once in awhile. And finally when I couldn't sit on my ass at the computer any longer, something inside of me compelled me to get up and DANCE. I just improved for about ten minutes to one of my favourite songs at the moment and the first few minutes I felt ridiculously awkward, but as I kept going I just loved it more and more. I NEED TO START DANCING AGAIN. MY BODY IS JUST CRAVING THAT FORM OF ARTISTIC EXPRESSION! Then about then I was getting hungry again so I had a pre dinner of some weetbix with soy milk, almond butter, dates, sugar and bananas. Then I headed to rimping to buy some greens and more soy milk because I was out. While I was there I also picked up some canned papaya in syrup (which I've never had, so I was curious to try it). And just as I was walking out guess who I bump into...? UNA and her boyfriend Craig. So at this point you're probably thinking who the flip is UNA? well she is this lovely beautiful gal who I went to highschool with in Vancouver. We weren't super great friends in highschool but I definitely remember always admiring her confidence in doing her own thing and being her own person. Her dad was also a teacher at my school and he was my favorite teacher of all time. He was probably one of the only male figures in my life at that time that I actually respected and thought respected me. So I took them to the vegetarian stall in the basement of Maya, and we all feasted on the pumpkin curry, mushroom "meat" and stir fried veggies with rice. AND OF COURSE the rice paper rolls. It was seriously just so crazy cool that I just bumped into her outside Maya, they were leaving the next day for Phuket, so it was like fate that I was able to bump into her on her last day in Chiang mai to catch up before she leaves. She's matured and grown so much since High School and it's so beautiful to see.

She's pretty much fully vegan now too which is just crazy, it's just so cool how life works hey? Anyways, we chatted for ages just about what we've been up to, our plans and what not. Then around 6, Griff and Erwan showed up too and joined us. And shortly after that another one of our friends Jon joined, and later Alex ahah. So it was a full house. Then around 6:30, Una and Craig decided to leave to go see a movie and we said our goodbyes! I'm sure I'll see them when I get back to Vancouver, and by then maybe they'll both be fully vegan eheh :P And after they left another couple sat down in there spots, and we quickly realized that they were both vegan as well. And after asking there names, and chatting a bit, the girl Jess said she actually follows me on Instagram! How cool is that?! I just couldn't even believe how crazy cool today was and how awesome all the random encounters I've had with people have been. So I stayed and chatted with them for awhile, hearing about their travels through India, and also making the discovery from them that Rimping sold cooked sweet potatoes... um WHAT?! I know what I'm going to be getting the next time I go there now... ahah. Then around 7 we decided to get back, but on the way the guys told me they were gonna go for an hour massage, and since my calves were still crazy sore, and since I'd been sitting at a desk all day and felt all out of wack, I decided to join them. And it was the best massage I've ever had! So first of all, we were all right beside each other, so we just pulled back the curtains so it was like us three (Griff, Erwan and I) were at a group massage ahah.

And secondly our three massage lady's were all so funny and cute. We were learning Thai from them, and I'm not sure why but I just kept laughing for no reason. All three of us kept telling them to push harder and use more strength, we weren't after no relaxing massage, we wanted a deep tissue rip your muscles apart kind of painful massage ahah. My favorite part was when she basically stood on my hamstrangs and really got some of the knots in my legs out, it was just the best kind of pain and I loved it! But the funniest part of the massage was in the beginning when we still had our curtain pulled so I couldn't see Erwan or Griff. And I was laughing pretty loudly about something my massage lady said, and I heard a "SHHHH" come from my left side. And assuming it was Erwan or Griff, I just replied playfully: oh shut up. Then Griff and Erwan burst out laughing, and I was just like: yea yea whatever ahah. But later they told me that it wasn't actually them who had said "SHHH" but the person on the other side of Griff! ahhaha OOPSIESSSS LOL. Anyways, after that amazing hour massage, the guys went to get there bikes, and I just walked back. On my way I passed the night market and ended up buying this super simple white singlet that was made out of the thinnest cloth material, perfect for the thailand heat. Then I came home and had another bowl of cereal with 8 weetbix (I don't know where that hunger came from ahah), 2 bananas, and 2 massive handfuls of dates. And then I just tipped my almond butter jar over and scooped out copious amounts of that amazing stuff, poured on some maple syrup and drowned it all in soy milk. YUM. And for some reason I was STILL hungry so I had a cliff bar, before going to bed at 10. What a great day.