DAY 225

Today was another extra ordinary, ordinary day :)

So I woke up around 6, and went up Doi Suthep at 6:30 today with Griff. And after resting all day yesterday, I felt so much better today on my ride. It was one of the first rides where I was actually able to put down some power and where I actually felt strong both physically and mentally, so YAY for that! Vegard joined us halfway through the ride and rode with us, all the way up to the Palace. Then we came back down to the smoothie stands, where we just chilled, stretched, and chatted to everyone up at the top. But by around 10, I was getting a little antsy and wanted to get back down so I could work on my ebook, so I left the hill and came home to some stretching, two big tupperwares of weetbix with mango and canned lychees, and a shower. Then I sat at my desk for the next 3 hours just hammering away at my keyboard before taking a break for lunch which was just rice with almond butter and jam. Then after writing for a few more hours, I went to Rimping so I could buy more almond butter, some canned longans, more cereal, soy milk, broccoli, sweet potatoes, corn and SALSA. And after getting back I made my massive dinner of just some steamed sweet potatoes, broccoli and corn.

which I devoured with almond butter and salsa. Then for dessert I had some weetbix with shredded wheats, mangoes, passion fruit, bananas, dates, soy milk and almond butter. and maple sugar. And it was so good I had 2 more bowls.

And now I've just finished watching Bonny's video for the day and I feel like my stomach's going to burst. ahah, but anyways it's time for BED. Good night, and I'm ready for another epic day tomorrow!