DAY 226

Alright so what did I get up to today? Well, I started my day at 5 am! We were doing a flat 100km ride today since Chloe had never done one, and wanted to get that goal. So we decided to leave at 5:30 and try to beat the mid day heat. We met outside Maya, and off we went on our ride. We went up and down a beautiful winding road right by the river, and I had such a great time. We saw so many other cyclists, and just enjoyed the ride and each other's company. I was listening to Chloe talk all about Switzerland and Berlin and fuck, it makes me want to go to Europe so flipping badly. Then Griff was telling me all about the UK and Wales, and AH, so many places in the world to go to and see. After we got back from our ride, I had some cereal, a ton of dates, showered, and then just worked on my ebook the rest of the day, only stopping around lunch for a cereal break. Then around 4, I cooked up rice and sweet potatoes while griff made some broccoli, and we packed it all up with all the sauces to bring for dinner. We brought his drone to the park so he could practice flying it, and it was so much fun. We just went to this open field and I watched him just fly it around. Then we went to the lake close by, and he flew it around there as well. And fuck it was just stunning. The sun had just set and the lake was so calm and serene. After he was done flying the drone, we just sat by the lake, eating our dinner and enjoying the light breeze that was cooling us down.

We stayed there for ages until it was completely dark, just watching the bats dart around and chatting about nothing consequential at all. It was a lovely evening. Then we came back, and I made the biggest bowl of cereal which I was supposed to share withe Griff, but I actually ended up eating it all... ahah OOPS.

And now it's 9:30 and I'm off to bed!