DAY 227

Alrighty, so started the day later today since I slept in, but because of that it was SO HOT riding up Doi Suthep. I just cruised up really easy, and got to the top and just chatted away for hours. Tonni Anne, Silvia and I had the most incredible conversation on self esteem and comparison. I also met a few new friends which is always fun, Aron was from the UK and we had some cool chats about university and deciding whether or not to go. He's currently at a crossroads and trying to decide whether his gap year is going to become an infinite gap year or not ahha.

Then while chatting with him, I realized that he'd been thinking about getting a 40 cassette on the back as well, so after talking to Vegard and Jesse about where to go, we all decided to ride over to the bike shop and suss it out. When we got there, the mechanic Jimmy told us he could have it ready by thursday, woot woot! Then after getting home, I did my usual, stretched, ate, showered, you know the drill. And by then it was 12 and time to go to the market! So I met Griff and we headed out to catch a song tao. The one that we caught had two passengers in it already, and one of the girls was smiling at me when she saw me, and it turns out she follows me on instagram and is friends with one of my friends Eva!!! How cool is that? Small fucking world eh? Or I guess this community is just so tight knit and small haha. So after we got to the market, we walked around for ages under the filthy hot sun getting sweatier and more dehydrated by the second. But it's all good cuz I got heaps of mangoes, bananas, apple bananas and veggies.

But trying to catch a song tao on the way back was a tad tricky, but after some persistance, and a whole lot of exercised patience, we found one going our way! There were the cutest little thai girls in our song tao, and they just kept giggling and smiling, and also getting extremely confused by Griffs attempts at communicating to them in thai. And when we finally got back, I had this crazy moment while walking back to my room, where I just experienced this moment of ridiculous fatigue and just loss of motivation. I was just complaining and really feeling down. I've just been so mentally drained lately from writing my ebook non stop this last week, and I think it just really hit me today. So after getting back, I had 3 bananas, right away, then after turning the air con on, and skulling some water I had a meal of 8 mangoes. The sweetest juiciest mangoes of my life, and I felt so much better afterwards. But instead of getting into editing and my ebook, I decided to just give myself a bit of a break, and chillax. Then around 3, I went out to fill up all my bottles at the refill station, before prepping dinner for the earliest night EVER ahha.