DAY 228

Today was wonderful. So it started actually at 5, when I heard Griff wheeling his bike past my room and since we were doing a group ride that day, I thought that meant that I had overslept. I raced out, and was like, SHIT AM I LATE? and turns out it was like 2 hours before i needed to be up ahah, he was just taking his drone out to fly lol. So I went back to bed, and got up, and ready to meet everyone by 8. So we did a climb today called Moncham, and apparently it's a tradition here to do Moncham every Monday (Moncham mondays) so I hopped on the bandwagon and joined the group. It was supposed to be one of the most beautiful climbs, and it definitely ended up being stunning, but fuck man, it was so hot. 

So there were just a huge swarm of us today, I think it was over 15, and just after 8, we set off. The climb is actually about 30 kms away, so we started with around 30 kms of flats which was a great way to warm our muscles up, and then we started the climb... And man it was long and tough. It was about 16 kms of climbing with 900 m of elevation gain, and there were so many crazy steep little kickers in there. But what killed me more than the steep climbs, was the HEAT. It barely had any coverage the entire climb so we were just being roasted under the sun, and in a matter of a few minutes I looked like I had been swimming ahah. So when we got to the climb the guys all took off, they were racing to the top ahha. I just stayed with Nicole, and we kept up a consistent pace. Around 30 minutes into the climb, my legs started to just get used to the climb, and I powered on ahead. I passed a few of the guys, and then about 20 minutes from the top, I was able to see Sam and chris in the distance. And I gained quite a bit of ground on them, and I thought I would maybe catch them. So on the hills, I would make up a lot of time, but everytime we got to a flat or downhill part, they would just gain so much ground on me. I am definitely a climber, I find it so difficult to push myself on flats/descents. Anyways, I finally made it to the top, and it was so rewarding and incredible. So most of the guys were already sitting by the cafe drinking juices and talking about the ride. And I joined them after catching my breath and guzzling down sooooo much water ahha. At the top I heard all about the guys race up, tried a sapote for the first time (tasted like maple syrup omg), and just enjoyed the views and company. Griff's tire was all scuffed up, and he literally spent like an hour fixing it, ahah he was just majorly on struggle street. Everytime I looked over he was still working on that darn tire haha, but eventually he figured it out, and we all descended together. Some of the descents were so steep and sketchy, and there was quite a bit of traffic so I just took it super slow. The group split up again on the way down, and I ended up riding home with Alex, Griff, Jo, and Nicole. We were all running out of water but Griff was actually out, and Jo noticed and without any prompting I saw him pull over to Griff and motion for him to get his bottle out so he could pour some of his water in for Griff. It was such a simple act but it just reminded me of how kind he was, and then I got all happy and grateful that I had met and surrounded myself with such genuine incredible humble souls. Anyways, by the time we got back it was 12, we'd done 80 kms and 1200m of elevation and I was cooked. I just showered, stretched, ate and sat around just recovering. I also uploaded my strava and realized I'd gotten the QOM for that climb! Granted there's only been like 20 female riders ahah but still pretty cool :P

Then around 2, I had a coaching call with a new client (which is always exciting) and it went really well. The conversation inspired me to make a few videos, and after filming those it was time to leave for Dinner tonight! Our friends Sam and Dan have been hosting these soulfood monday's where they just invite some of their friends over, and they cook up a huge feast at their place. But since their house is quite a ways away, we left pretty early around 4. It took about 40 minutes to ride there because the traffic was so awful, but it was so worth it. There was a huge crowd of us there tonight, and man the food was so incredible. I literally had 5 huge bowl fuls of the most amazing coconut soup, pumpkin curry, morrocon potato curry, mushroom beef, rice, corn, sweet potatoes all with BBQ and sweet chilli sauce.

Like it was the best food I've had in awhile. But man it was just the best night with such amazing vibes. All the people there were just so amazing, and I had the best night just chatting the night away. I was mostly talking to Aron and Jon and I got to know them both so much better. Then in the middle of the evening, it just started pouring down rain, so we all grabbed the cushions and bowls and ducked under the covered outdoor area! And sat back down and continued our conversations. I also showed a few people the picture of my cycling accident from last year, and the reactions people have to the photo are always hilarious ahah. Anyways, we finally hit the road just after 8, and we all cycled back to the city together before going our seperate ways. It was so cool and comfortable, cycling home in the evening air. And after I got back I had 2 more massive bowls of cereal. I just was physically so full but still so hungry ahaha, the struggle is real :P. Then I messaged Nicole who just flew in today and she said she had gone to pick up some dinner and was 15 minutes away, and when she got back, Griff and I went to her room and SAID HI! I gave her the biggest hug when I saw her and we just caught up real quick for like 10 minutes. But she's been flying all day and was exhausted so we let her get some sleep and didn't keep her too long. She brought over some ASOS cycling shorts which I had ordered to her adress and she also brought me a bday card that my friend Emily from Adelaide had made me. It was the CUTEST card and put the biggest smile on my face. That, and seeing Nicole again just was the perfect end to another incredible day. WOOT.