DAY 230

So yesterday was a bad day. A whole list of things went "wrong" but what I realize now is that nothing actually went wrong. Things just happened and I perceived them as wrong, and I assigned that negative meaning to them. But I mean we all have our days, and yesterday was mine. I had lots of family stresses, got diarrhea, and was just getting overwhelmed by a lot of insignificant things in my life. But this morning, I woke up to a lovely message from Michelle, I had a bit of a cry outside with Griff and Nicole, who didn't say much, just sat there with me and showed their love and support. And man it felt so good just to release that energy. So after that, I had just an epic day. Went up the mountain.

Talked to some rad people, met some new friends. Then after talking for over an hour, cruised down. From there I did my usual, shower, stretch, eat. And while I was rolling, I heard a knock on my door, and it was Griff! He had made me banana ice cream, and it was just so kind! He's heard me talk about how much I've been craving it for ages, and I guess after this morning he thought I could use some cheering up eheh and it deffs did put a huge grin on my face. then we just chatted for ages and I showed him vids of Vancouver and he showed me Swansea and Abosworth (zero clues how to spell that lol). After awhile, he went back to shower, and I made a huge bowl of cereal for lunch to eat. And after a bit went to Griffs room and we just both sat and edited all afternoon. I also called my mom again and we chatted for 40 mins just talking more about my family, how they're doing, and my tentative travel plans haah. I also think I convinced her to start cycling WOOT. ALSO I forgot to mention, that I watched bonnys latest vlog this morning, and it was speaking to exaclty how I felt yesterday. She was talking about how perspective and gratitude are the key to happiness, and even though I know that inherently hearing it from her in the way she delievered it was so effective on me and I messaged her just saying I love you, and thanking her for all the good vibes she puts out daily. Then erwan came over, and he and Griff went out to fly the drone, while I went back and ate some rice with sweet chilli sauce, and edited a tad more.


Then around 5, I walked over to Maya to have dinner with the crew. There were tons of people there tonight: Erwan, Griff, Nicole, Aron, Jesse, Chris, Jo, and Alex, so it was quite a rowdy bunch of us ahah. I made some rice and veggies to take with me, then just bought some of these sushi triangle things I'd seen Vegard eating before. And fuck it was SOOOO GOOOD! I got the seaweed and the mixed seaweed one ahah, and basically its just this amazing flavourful seaweed salad with rice and all wrapped in more seaweed.

And with sriracha and soy sauce it was just perfect. Aron has never had sushi... I KNOW WTF? And I let him try some and he loved it! He also tried sriracha for the first time and said it was tasty too, so we can now officially be friends because he likes sriracha ahah. But man i'm gonna have to take him for some actual sushi sometime. And after we all had our fill, Griff, Erwan, Nicole and I went to Rimping to buy some groceries. I got some muesli and this cool Jasmine rice Cheerios cereal which I'm stoked to try. I also picked up some passionfruit to have on top of our banana ice cream dessert. So then we went back, and like I mentioned made mango banana ice cream.... And fuck it was amazing. I topped it with passion fruit, bananas and cereal, and it was just perfection. And then, I just chilled out and watched some videos before going to bed at 9 :) What a great day!