DAY 231

So today was just fine and dandy. I woke up at 6, put my heart rate moniter one, drank some water, and tried to mentally prepare myself for the intervals I was planning on doing today! So I met Griff and Nicole outside Greenhill, and we hit the road around 6:30. As we approached the mountain I got more and more nervous ahah, and after we got to the climb Griff took off to do his intervals. I did about 5 minutes easy just to warm up, then started mine as well. I was trying to hold above 165 for 8 minutes, but I could only just get to 165W, so I decided to try shorter intervals like Griff, and they were so much better for me. I was able to hold around 170 W for 4 minutes, then rested for 4 minutes, and repeated that 3 times. And after that I was pooped, so I just was going to cruise all the way up to the top, but after about 12 13 minutes of cruising, I got to the last little hairpin section, so I decided to just go for it since I felt fresh again, and I was able to hold like 180 W which was great power for me! But after I was breathing so hard, and was just so pooped ahah. It was actually almost chilly at the top today, the heat wave of like over 40 degree mornings has definitely passed, so after standing around for awhile, we decided to keep moving and just roll up to the palace. Erwan and Aaron were with us, Erwan had paced Aaron for a PB today and he got like 39 something which is an awesome time! We took it so easy up to the palace since we were all pretty tired, and then just cruised back down. Where we stopped at the smoothie stalls to get some smoothies. Nicole got the prettiest pink dragon fruit smoothie, and it makes me want to make banana ice cream with pink dragonfruit ahah. And after staying and chatting with a few people, we headed back down. Today was honestly cool enough for me to make oats, so I made a HUGE bowl of warmed up oat muesli with soy milk and almond butter with maple sugar. And fuck it was just incredible. Then I showered, washed my kit, stretched, rolled, and then drank some juice. And around 10:45 Nicole and I left to go to Annek Bike shop! So right now, Veggard, Griff and Aaron all have 40 cassettes, Griff and Aaron just got theres today and the day before, but after hearing Veggard rave about it, and because I want to do a few rides here with super steep climbs, I decided to get one as well! So Nicole and I both went there to get them put on for us. All we had to do was buy the 40 cassette, get a road link, and a new cage since we have a long cage derailleur. When I met Nicole outside the building, we realized we were unintentionally wearing the exact same shirt ahah, we both wore the navy, Vegan T-shirt from Anyways, so we biked the 8 kms to the shop, and it was quite cool on the ride over, it even started sprinkling which was super nice and refreshing. When we got there, we were met by Jimmy (the bike mechanics) beautiful cheerful smile, and he got started on my bike. We had both brought our laptops, so we just sat down in front of the fan and started editing away. we were there for over 2 hours and I was able to edit quite a few videos so it was a very productive afternoon at the bike shop. I also bought a new saddlebag since mine was a piece of CRAP ahah. So after Nicole's bike got serviced as well, we went up to take our bikes and that's when we realized that I had bought the exact same saddle bag as Nicole ahah, and my bike and hers are the exact same model just different years, and we both just got the same gearing put on, AND we were wearing the same shirt... ahahha. I need to stop copying her life lol. We had a good laugh about it, and she also made a joke that was hilarious in the moment. So because the 40 cassette is so big, people call it a dinner plate, and she was like "hey now we wont have to bring our own dinner plate to potlucks anymore" ahaha in the moment it was hilarious guys, trust me. So then we cycled home, and it was so much hotter this time, but the moment we got on our bikes and free wheeled, we realized that our bikes now (because of the new chain and cassette i think) made the really loud click sound that expensive bikes usually make from their hubs! haaha and we both were so stoked on life about that ahahah. And the whole way home we'd keep free-wheeling and loving the sound it made LOL. The ride home seemed a lot shorter too, but it was soooo much hotter, and we were both soooo hungry! haah. When we were outside Greenhill, guess who we ran into? Griff and... BIGGI!!!! I haven't seen him in MONTHS so it was soooo awesome to see him again! We all decided to go to May Kaidees tonight to celebrate! So I went back to my room, ate 4 bowls of cereal in record time (like 10 minutes), I dont even think I chewed more than 2 times for each bite ahah. Then just relaxed for the rest of the afternoon until leaving for dinner at 4. So since I realized that I'd only been to May Kaidees once and it was a special buffet, I thought I'd film a restaruant review, which was super fun eheh. Anyways, so we had invited our friends Elisha, Drew, Aaron, Alex, Toni Anne and Mike to come along as well and we all met at the restaurant. And all I can say is tonight was one of the best dinners I've ever had for both the food and the company. So Nicole, Biggi, Griff and I shared: the Penang curry, 8 serves of rice, pumpkin hummus with bread and chilli oil sauce, green curry noodles (one of my favs), mushroom veggie platter with "sausage", eggplant mushroom stir fry, AND THE BEST FUCKING PANCAKE FOR DESSERT.

So my favs were deffs the curry noodle and the mushroom plate, and actually no, i loved it all. All the food was so rustic and wholesome, and just like a flavour explosion, but the best thing for sure was the fucking pancake. It was the thickest fluffiest pancake EVER, and they put pineapple in the batter so it was like a pineapple cake. Then they served it with so much mango as well as theis thick sweet coconut cream and MAPLE SYRUP. and the combo of it all together was just heavenly. Could have had 6 of those easily as a meal and been the happiest person ever. The restaurant itself was small, clean, and very quaint, and the staff were all so friendly. It was a husband wife duo, and their family, which is always nice to see. I would easily say it's one of my top 3 favorite restaurants here in Chiang Mai. But in addition to the food, I also got to witness Aaron trying sushi for the first time, and he loved it so much he ordered another serve of it! ahahah, and I just got to spend some quality time with Elisha and Drew. They're seriously such cool, kind, interesting people I loved chatting with them and picking their brain. They have such incredible plans for the future, and I cant wait to follow them on their journey! It was also cool to hear about Drews journey, I had no idea but he used to 155 kg, and just into all the wrong stuff, but he turned his life around and so can we ALL! Anyways, after we'd all eaten and chatted for hours, we all left and road back home in the beautiful evening air. Then I came home, got water, had 2 bowls of cereal, before heading to bed around 9:30! Epic flipping day :)