DAY 214

SOOOOO I left Gold Coast today, and am now on my way to CHIANG MAI THAILAND! So I woke up around 7:30, and just had a lazy start to my day. The guys wanted to go for a ride, but Bonny was going to stay in, so I decided just to take another day just to relax and stay in with her. This week has just been all about resting and relaxing, and it's been exactly what I needed to prepare myself for the hectic-ness of Thailand! Plus, it's the last day I'll be with Bonny for 25 days, so I wanted to spend every moment I could with her ahah. We did a few pushups, and stretches/ foam rolls, while chatting about friendships, communication, vulnerability, and so much more. Then I made a crazy epic bowl of cereal. I used up the rest of my weetbix, added maple crunch, bananas, dates, a SHIT ton of halva, maple syrup and coconut milk. And it was sooo tasty, but the halva just filled me right up ahha. I also had a bit of Bonny's refreshing melon with passionfruit, and we had a bit of a photoshoot with it eheh.

Then we just spent the morning editing and chatting. The guys came home from there ride around noon, and after they had some watermelon we decided to cook up some dahl for a late lunch. But after awhile, Bonny told us that Lindy messaged her saying that we should come over for a banana ice cream farewell party before we leave, so Bonny and Tim took over the dahl, and Griff and I hurried off to pack. I'd only been here a week, but I'd already managed to sprawl my shit all over the house. It took me way longer than I thought to pack, so mid way through, I made myself a bowl for lunch out of leftovers since I was too hungry to wait for the dahl to finish. I just had brown rice with leftover dahl from yesterday, some leftover chicken corn soup, potatoes, and sriracha, and it deffs hit the spot. Then after I finished packing up my bag, I started working on my bike. It took me awhile, and some assistance from Griff, but finally around 4 I was all packed up and ready to go to Lindy's. We drove over, and got to see Lindy's thermomix in action! It's so much faster and more effective at making banana ice cream than a blender, and it impressed Bonny so much! She's so keen to buy one now hahha. So Lindy made us the most incredible passion fruit banana ice cream which was sweet, tangy and crunchy from the passionfruit seeds. Seriously it was just amazing, but THEN she made us the creamiest peanut butter banana ice cream and we all agreed that it was pretty much the best nana ice cream we'd ever had. It was so smooth and creamy and oh my lord so so tasty. But I have to admit it was so fatty that after eating it I was pretty tired and fatted out :P But it was worth it 100%. And after hanging out there for an hour, we left to finalize our packing and eat some dinner before heading to the airport. But while I was clearing out the fridge, I found this chocolate mousse cake that we had gotten as takeaway from yesterday that we hadn't eaten yet, and even though I really can't do cacao because of the caffeine, I just had to try some.

Bonny and I both tried some and seriously it was just the fudgiest, most amazing raw cake I've ever had. The base had these like crunchy bits that popped in your mouth and the mousse was smooth like velvet. So insane. Then after we loaded up the car with our bags, I scoffed down a few bowls of dahl with rice, potatoes, corn, sriracha and maple syrup for dinner (even though I wasn't too hungry since I knew I wouldn't be able to eat till way later). And then around 7:20 we headed for the airport! We said bye to Tim, then Bonny drove us to the airport and dropped us off. Man, it hasn't even been a day but I miss her already. I just love being around her genuine loving caring energy so much and I can't wait till she comes to Chiang Mai and we can be reunited eheh. So I was pretty nervous to check in for some reason since I fucked up so royally for the flight to Gold Coast, so even though I had quardruple checked the flight itinerary I was still slightly scared that I had messed up somewhere ahah. But in the end it all went smoothly. We checked in, got our boarding passes, dropped off our bikes in oversized luggage and made it through security without a hitch. Although they did take my bike lube away at security because it was over 100 mL :( But the staff were just so lovely, it made me so happy. I've honestly never met such kind airport staff, they were so conversational, and joking around with me the entire time. And when I told them that, they replied: well we live on the gold coast, why wouldn't we be happy. ahha such an amazing attitude. Then we went through a few more security checks before making it to our gate. Once there I went to the currency exchange counter to change my remaining Aussie notes to Thai Baht. And once again, the guy (Raj) working there was SO gentle and so friendly. He's from South India, and was so curious about all my travels and adventures. And I was asking him all about India, and his job and other random things. He told me that his wife was 3 months pregnant and after I asked about possible names, he told me that in India, the date the child is born influences the letter their name begins with. I told him that if he has a daughter, and the first letter is S, that he should name her Stephanie ahah. Then I just sat at the gate and waited until we started boarding around 9:45. On the flight, I edited a vlog, then spent the rest of the flight trying to battle sever dehydration, peeing, and trying to nap. We landed in Kuala Lumpur at 4:40 am and fuck i was just EXHAUSTED. And by the time we arrived in Kuala Lumpur, it was the next day.