DAY 232

Today was one of the clearest days we've had in Chiang Mai, so it was great that we went on a scenic easy flat river ride.

The views were so beautiful and the sky was so blue. So we ended up doing an easy flat like 90 kms, and there was a huge group of us which made the ride so fun. I just spent it chatting with everyone and just enjoying the ride. We stopped at a 7/11 and Aaron got the red bean paste bun and fuck it was soooo amazing. It's like my new fav addiction. Then after getting back I had cereal, stretched, and just spent the rest of the afternoon editing my restaurant review video from yesterday! Then around 3, I started eating lunch and prepping my dinner of rice and veggies. I walked over to Maya mall with Griff and Biggi, but right when we walked outside it started POURING rain, so we ducked in one of the buildings and listened to Griff play piano until the rain stopped. Then continued on to Maya. First we went to Rimping and I bought some cereal, soy milk, corn, broccoli, sweet chilli sauce and almond butter. Before going to the vegetarian food stall for dinner. During dinner we discussed the possibility of me maybe going to the UK for a bit after Thailand... MAYBE ! eeek. Then Griff and Biggi went to get durian, and I stayed and talked to Erwan who had rocked up. We talked about his designing business, editing, life, our plans and so much more. And after awhile Aaron showed up as well. When he did, I made him try bok choy for the first time, which he loved.

Then Erwan and I started listing off all these foods to see if he'd ever tried them and turns out he's never had: pho, steamed buns, udon noodles, tempura, burritos, pineapple fried rice, papaya salad, and so much more! GAHHHH. Us three spent hours just sitting there chatting and laughing our asses off about the randomest most immature things ahah. And right before I left, Nicole came and sat down with us for awhile. Then I headed back to my room, and filled my water bottles on the way, had 4 huge tupperwares of cereal, before doing a bit more work on my laptop before getting an early night at 9.