DAY 233


Another day, another ride :) So we did the Sameong Loop today in reverse, and it was an awesome social ride. There was a huge group of us, and we all met outside Maya then hit the road. I met two new people today too which is always fun. One was named Matt, and he's from Halifax in Canada, and has toured all over Canada, the US and the world really. He was also telling me all about how incredible Sri Lanka is and it's making me want to go there! Then about midway through the ride, someone called Tarmo joined us. So I knew who he was just from all the guys talking about him since he's a crazy incredible athlete. And you can tell just by the size of his calfs ahah, he's one of the most solid riders here in this Vegan CM community and I was really excited to meet him. But when I did, he said that we'd already met, and he told me that he was the person who brought me the herbal salve for my wound last year when I got into my accident! So basically what happened was, after my operation, Tarmo reached out to me on facebook I think, and told me that he'd experienced something similar and used this herbal salve that he found really helped. So he met me at the mall by my place, and brought me a new container of the salve. How kind is that??? And how cool is it that after all this time of hearing him being talked about I had actually already met him, but just hadn't connected the dots ahah. So for a lot of the ride, I was talking to Joe, and we were chatting about such incredible topics. One conversation I really enjoyed was just discussing utilizing the resources of PEOPLE. We forget the people we see around us are all wealths of information and life experience, and we should really take advantage and make the most of that! About 3/4 of the way through our ride, it started PISSING down rain, so Nicole and I both just slowed right down on the descents and took it super easy and safe. And we met back up with everyone who was hiding from the rain at the 7/11.

There I got this vegan taro custard bun and just devoured it, it was so fucking yummy. And after chilling there for awhile waiting for the rain to stop, we continued on. By the end we had done 80 kms with 1400m of elevation so I was pretty tired and hungry ahah. I showered, then made a big bowl of oats/muesli, then stretched and rolled while catching up on some youtube videos. Then I edited, and just answered some emails and messages for the rest of the afternoon. Around 2 I also had some rice and corn with sweet chilli sauce. And at 4, we headed off to Sam and Dan's for another massive cook up. And today's feast was even MORE amazing than last weeks. He made this crazy flavourful indian rice, vegetable sweet potato rice mix, with the usual pumpkin curry, coconut soup, rice, steamed corn, sweet potatoes and the most amazing homemade BBQ sauce.

I legit ate my heart out again tonight, and had 5 massive bowlfuls and I drowned everything in BBQ sauce, and sweet chilli sauce. YUMMMMMM Then I just talked the night away and got to meet two new people as well Catarina and Jay, they were both such sweet lovely girls, and we had such incredible conversations. Just another amazing epic night.