DAY 234

So today is Sloth Sunday. Which means yup, I was a sloth all day pretty much. Well first I slept in until almost 8 which was glorious! Then around 9, Griff, Biggi, Nicole and I headed to the JJ organic market. There we ran into Luca, and also loaded up on these amazing tangy sweety mangoes. I also got limes, greens, and talked to the most hilarious thai lady who sold me some herbs for my sore throat. She told me that I must have been Thai in a past life, and taught Nicole and I how to say best friend in Thai ahha. Then we also went to Muang Mai market, so I could buy some of my fav veggie mix from the veggie stalls. Then I came home and had a lunch skype date with one of my clients ahah, before spending the rest of the day in ultimate sloth mode. I had 4 bowls of cereal for lunch with 3 of the mangoes I bought from the market! I edited some videos, called my mom, then just lazed around for the rest of the day ahah. Around 3 I started making dinner (i know so fucking early eh?) I was just feeling super lazy and tired, and wanted a nice early dinner and an early night. I just made some rice, Broccoli, and corn, and had it with some sweet chilli sauce. I also made a little side salad of organic greens, cherry tomatoes, mangoes, spring onion, and some sweet chilli sauce.

And it was so so tasty! And for dessert of course I had some fruit salad (banana, mango, longan) with cereal and soy milk eheh. I ate it all while watching Spirited Away, ah it's just the cutest anime movie. Then I legitimately went to bed at 7 :P