DAY 235

Nicole and I ultra cruised up Doi Suthep today and got to test out our 40 cassettes, and they are a dream sent! Love being able to keep up a high cadence while going super easy! Then at the top, I just chatted away with all our friends. Toni Anne was just expressing her love of Degrassi to all of us and just cracking us up by her genuine infatuation with it ahaha. But man, it was flipping cold up at the top of Doi Suthep today, and I was honestly quite chilly. So after about an hour, we headed down. Once I got home I showered, stretched, had a little dance party to the red hot chilli peppers, and made some warm muesli. Then I went to Griffs room for a tad, chatted, answered an email, and watched some of his epic drone footage, before going back, having some more cereal for lunch and editing my ebook. Then around 12, Griff and I went to Rimping and I bought a jar (for instagram), coconut shreds, bananas, more cereal, this apple cider juice, and also sampled all their dried fruit which I do everytime I go there ahha. And on our way home, we both refilled our bottles at the water filter station. Then I just spent the rest of the afternoon editing some videos! I had a quick fruit bowl of mangoes and bananas before dinner, and then started prepping some steamed veggies for dinner. Tonight, we just all sat in Griff's room and had rice with veggies, pasta sauce, sweet chilli sauce and sriracha. Some of them also ordered some pumpkin curry and sweet and sour veggies from taste from heaven. It was a super nice chill dinner in with some pretty rad people. Nicole told us a lot about her past with tae kwon do, we chatted about the festival & cycling, our differing personalities and senses of humour, and some other random shit that I don't even remember. We also looked through tons of Griff's old photo's after I asked to see a photo of his family and it was so funny seeing his photos from when he was younger. Then I came back, had 3 more bowls of cereal, before getting to bed around 9. Today was another rad day filled with little moments that were simple and seemingly ordinary but so full of contentment and love.