DAY 236

So my day started at 5:30 this morning when Griff knocked on my door to go on the roof and fly the drone to watch the sunrise. But the sun never really made an appearance ahha. The heavy cloud layer, and buildings just hid it from view, but it was still so nice to be up early and out on the roof in the fresh air. So after that, I went back to my room, changed into my cycling kit and we went for a ride. So Nicole, Griff, Biggi and I all did intervals today up Doi suthep. We obviously did it to our own pace and power, but it was cool that we were all doing the same thing. So I warmed up for about 10 minutes, then did 5 intervals of 4 minutes on and 8 minutes rest. And man it was tough as fuck. I was so cooked by the second one and was thinking, I have to do 3 more of these? REALLY? But I got through them, and the last one actually felt the best. After the intervals, we all just hung out at the top chatting with everyone for like 2 hours! ahah. It was so rad, I got to meet a few new friends, and also talked to Elisha (the most amazing person who is editing my ebook) about my ebook and formatting ideas and what not hehe. She was telling me I always start my sentences with "and" lol, and that I need to stop doing that ahahah. We also ran into another big group of westerners that had cycled up the mountain, and we found out they all work together at the university here. Most of them were from the UK and US, and they actually cycle around thailand raising money for NGO's which is heaps cool. Then eventually around 9, we headed down, and I got my day started. I showered, Stretched, rolled, drank a carton of Apple Cider juice, edited, had a coaching call, ate muesli, a can of longans in syrup then headed over to Griffs to make a hectic jar of banana ice cream, and it turned out soooo epic. We made banana, strawberry and blueberry banana ice cream, and man it took the best photos.

But I was seriously still so full, so I just had a small portion before putting the rest in the freezer for later. Then Griff gave me the best deep tissue massage on my legs, like I was just sqirming the entire time, and it hurt so much but it was the good kind of pain that you just know is so good for your muscles and recovery haah. And after that, I gave him one for his shoulders and neck, and fuck my thumbs were exhausted after that LOL. Then I just answered some emails and worked a bit more on some final touches on my ebook before we headed to the piano to play before dinner! I hadn't played in almost TWO months, and I thought I'd forget everything, but it just all came back really well. Granted I was a lot slower and less smooth but I still remembered the piece for the most part, YAY. Then I listened to Griff play and danced around to his incredible music until 4, at which point we headed to dinner at Imm Aim, and fuck it was just the best night ever. the whole night was just such a blur, but I just remember constantly laughing, and smiling, talking, cracking jokes, meeting new friends, and just being so genuinely happy. When we first got there, I ran into a girl from Singapore who watched me on Youtube, and she was actually just leaving but it was wonderful to get to meet her, and take a photo with her, and later on in the night I also saw a father and daughter sort of looking at me and smiling, and I just thought, they must be vegan and awesome. They just gave out such friendly vibes, so I just went up and said hi ahha, and turns out she followed me and knew who I was, and was just so so lovely and sweet! I also just started talking to this german girl while paying for my meal, and she was vegetarian, but said she'd been interested in Veganism for ages, and said that I was a sign to her, that she had to go vegan!!! ahaha, so I gave her all these docos and resources to look up so hopefully there's one more vegan on the planet by tomorrow! heheeh. I also just started chatting to this guy from Brazil, and he said he'd been to Vancouver and that it's his moms favorite city, which gave me lots of home town pride ahah. Anyways, by the end of the night we had a huge table of friends, and it was such a rowdy boisterous evening full of such wonderful conversations. We ended up playing the magical kingdom game as well, and it was hilarious as always. Man I just really remember feeling buzzed as if I was high, the energy was just so incredible, the air was like humming with happiness and good vibes. Oh and I didn't even touch on the food yet. So much food. massaman curry, green curry, pad thai, avocado pita sandwhich, and sweet potatoes with lots of rice and rice noodles on the side. fuck it was tasty.

But after getting back, I finished the banana ice cream and loaded it with SOOO much cereal, then ended up having 2 more tupperwares full of cereal... ahahha. and Now I am off to bed at 10. GOOD NIGHT. WHAT AN EPIC DAY.