DAY 237

So today was a pretty freaking awesome day. It started at 5 am, since Griff wanted to bring his drone out on the ride, and do some cool shit with it, so we started riding up at 6 and Nicole and I just cruised up and let the guys go ahead. We had the best time making up names for each day of the week, my favs are: tired tuesdays, friday as fuck, and sloth sundays ahahah. We also stopped at the view point and took some pretty sweet pics.

Then we ran into Erwan at the top and he was going up to Doi Pui so we joined him. We took so many photo stops along the way, and just chatted about travelling, Nepal, and just life in general. We also played lots of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers while riding up since we were all fans of them. It took us ages to get to Pui since we were just going really easy, but man the view at the top was just STUNNING. Legit a few minutes after we got there, Emma, Hannah, Brooke, Griff, and Biggi joined us too! And then Griff flew the drone from the top and took some sick footage and pictures from the top.

Man it was just epic. Then around 9:40 we headed back down after just chilling and dancing around at Pui for ages. On the way down from Pui, I stayed with Emma and we just chatted and I got to hear all about the jobs she worked back in Canada, and I told her lots about, well me ahah. We stopped at the smoothie stalls, and I learnt the names of all the ladies there, and David who was also there buying a smoothie pointed to me and said: Jai Dee, to the thai ladies, which apparently means good heart in thai . And that just made my day. He's such a great beautiful person and to know that he thinks that of me just warmed my heart. I also just chatted a bit with some of the guys, and Luca who I havent seen in awhile so it was awesome to catch up and hear how Natasha's doing after her fall. And by around 10 we left for home. Outside our place she was asking me this bike question, and I was able to answer and explain it to her and it made me feel sooooo knowledgable about bikes ahaha! Anyways, it was about 10:45 and i had a client at 11, so I rushed home, and got ready for my call. And after that I had the biggest mountain of oats for brunch since I didn't have time to eat before my call. Then I did my usual stretching, rolling and showered. I had the best time just singing my heart out in the shower and was just in the best mood ahah. Then I went to griffs room and we filmed a cycling Q&A video together which went awesome. And after that, I was just standing on his balcony with my eyes closed enjoying the warm summer breeze for ages, and he joined me and we just stood out there enjoying the present moment, and man I was just so happy and at peace in that moment. I remember just feeling so much gratitude for his friendship, for this moment that we shared, for my life, for all the people in my life, and just for life in general. 

I had planned on getting heaps of editing done, but then I was like, fuck it I just wanna relax today and go to the pool, so that's exactly what I did. I basically just twirled around in the pool, and tanned by the pool while Griff, Biggi, and Elisha swam haha. Nicole and I mostly just chilled by the pool and tried to get our tan on. Fuck, Elisha is the prettiest swimmer ever, she has the best technique, and I was so impressed. Biggi and Griff were also working on their butterfly and they're both getting pretty good at it! Because of their peer pressure ahah, I swam a total of ONE length just to appease them, and man it was tough lol.

After that I went back to just playing around in the water and tanning ahah. It was so wonderful just to take a day off to just not be "productive" and to just enjoy life. Then around 4, I hopped out of the pool, and steamed some veggies while looking through all the hilarious pool photos we took. Then right before 5, Biggi and I walked over to Maya and met up with our friends: Elisha, Jesse, Chloe, Erwan, Nicole and Griff for dinner, and it was just swell. But on the way into Maya, I saw this little food market, and guess what they had....FIRE ROASTED JAPANESE SWEET POTATOES (as close to baked sw pot as you're gonna get here in Thailand) so I bought some obviously to have with my dinner. I also bought loads of rice to have with my veggies and asked for a shit ton of sweet chilli sauce of course ahah. And dinner was just lovely as usual, I got to see my favourite people at the Vegetarian stall, ate dinner surrounded by people with Jai Dee (good hearts), and I just loved it. But I did get woken up yesterday night by a phone call which cut my sleep short, so I was eager for a super early night, so I left around 6:30. After getting home I had some more cereal of course, tried to help griff find his camera (he eventually found it in Rimping lol), and worked on a special video project that I actually wanted to edit :)

Man I am just one lucky duck to be living this magical extra ordinary, ordinary life.