DA7 238

man I am just so in love with people. 

So I met at the uni gates at 7 for the ride up Doi suthep and holy moly SO MANY NEW PPL! we rode with them for a bit, but then I just ended up riding most of the way with the guys Griff, Aaron, Alex, and Biggi. And it was a such a fun ride up, but holy moly when we got to the top, there were just SO MANY PPL! Even though the festival hadn't started yet, it almost feels like it already has, the energy was just BUZZING, and I just had the BEST time up there chatting with and meeting new people. I talked to Maddie and Kyle (also from Canada) for AGES and it was so wonderful. Maddie is so similar to me, she also danced (Was wayyyy better than I ever was haha), and just our stories and experiences were very similar. She's just one of those people that I really clicked with hehe and I'm so stoked that she's moving into the same building as me!!!! Something I thought was hilarious was that, I met a lovely girl called Momo, and she's from Japan. And she was telling me that her friends who don't understand English watch my channel and videos sometimes even though I'm speaking english and they just watch me eat! AHAH Idk why that cracked me up so much, and Griff found it pretty hilarious when I told him too haah. I was also just chatting to the lovely ladies at the smoothie stall, and I finally got their names all down pat, they're: Gao, Mai, and Deng. I also learnt that Dee mac means all good or something like that, and that where is, is: thi nai (i think) ahah, man I just love this three so much. They have such good hearts and are just so kind. I love talking and getting to know them, and Mai is so young, she looks about 13, so I'd love to hear more about her life and story. One day my thai will be good enough to ask her those questions ahha. And somewhere during that time up at the top, I just had this moment where I was like: wow I have so much love for so many of these people. 

David is an American who's here permanently on a retirement visa, and he's just so cool and quirky and kind. Everytime he comes up, he wears this old school timer around his neck, and clicks it at the top everytime he finishes the segment, and we all have such a great time winding him up and being like: ooo ooo ooo, what time'd ya get today? :P

Then Joe is just such a genuine bloke haha, he is just kind humble and oh so lovely.

Chris is just a gentle, easy going great guy.

Veggard just is hilarious. Honestly he could say anything in his manner and accent and it would crack me up. He's so encouraging, and helpful and just awesome. 

And Erwan is just a wealth of knowledge, always wanting to teach and help, and is so so giving. 

Honestly the list just goes on and on, but those were the people that I talked to today, but anyways, what I'm trying to express is just, I feel so so so rich with friendships and love. GAH.

Then around 9 we descended. Griff and I descended together most of the way and just chatted about everything, and there was a moment where I just said to him: I just, ah feel so happy.

ahhaha, and I really do. 

So we got back to our place, and I saw two bike boxes by reception, and guess who just arrived... FREELEEE AND HARLEY!!!! I got soooo excited and gave them massive hugs, and it was so awesome to see them. But they were super jetlagged and so after bugging them for a while ahah we let them get to their rooms and have a shower! Then I showered, stretched, and rolled. And I was supposed to have a client at 11, but she never actually came online on skype, so after waiting half an hour I just headed over to Griffs and started editing like a mad women. I mostly just helped Griff edit and make his descending video, and we worked on it for hours ahah. I stopped to have a muesli/oatmeal break, and griff went for a swim, but besides that I just sat in his room editing all afternoon. Around 3:40 we headed to Ice Love You for some ice cream with so so so many other vegans who were here early for the festival. It was awesome to get to meet so many new people, as well as catch up and chat with Freelee and Harley.

Then at 5:30 we left to go to dinner at Taste From Heaven, and were joined by tons of the people who were at Ice Love You. It was delicious, Griff, Nicole and I shared Pumpkin curry, morning glory, Papaya salad, and sweet and sour tofu and veg. But it was such a big group, so it was a bit difficult for the staff to get all the orders down, and the food took awhile to arrive, but the servers were so friendly and cute, and so eager to make sure everything was right.

But holy I was so tired at that dinner, and just so hungry ahah, and I was honestly ready for bed the second we got to the restaurant ahha. 

OOH, I also coincidentally ran into two of the people that I met at Imm Aim a few nights ago, and it was so awesome. The lady from Berlin was there with one of her new friends Peter, and she said that she was just talking about me to him when I came up and said hi ahah. Anyways, because all of us seemed pretty pooped, after we finished eating, we sat around a bit longer then just headed back home. When we got back to our place, we saw Ash who had just flown in from Iceland today and after chatting for a bit, I excused myself, had 4 bowls of cereal, then went to BED.