DAY 239

So this morning, a HUGE group of us met at the bottom of the mountain at 7, there was probably like 30-40 people, and it was insane. But Nicole and I just wanted to cruise since we were both doing efforts tomorrow, so even though it was SO tempting to stay with the group, we dropped off and rode up super slow and cruisy. And thank god for Nicole, because without her I definitely would have just tried to keep up with the group, but with Nicole we managed to just do the pace that was good for us, and just chat the entire way. Then up at the top, I just had the best time learning new thai words (mango, banana and passionfruit) with Gao, Deng and Mai, and chatting with all the vegans who rode up. I loved chatting and just joking around with Eva and Veggard, and I also stretched and talked to Alex and Maddie quite a bit.

Man I just love Alex, he is the cutest thing, his smile and his mannerisms just always make me grin. Then as I was chatting to Peggy (Jesse's fit as fuck mom), I saw Kent ride up, and I didn't know much about Kent at all besides the fact that he's crazy fast and fit, so I ran over and joined Griff and Alex with him. I learnt so much about Kent in our conversation, I learnt that he'd been in CM for 4 years, has only been cycling for about 4-5 years, home for him is Denmark, he has two kids, he studied Biomed and ran a nanotechnology company, and I learnt that he has the most delightful smile. And when my tummy started rumbling for breakfast, I took it as a sign to go back home. So after getting back I finished off my pack of cereal, then went for a dip in the pool with Biggi and Griff. There I mostly just tanned, and had a really frustrating and just funny conversation with this man who was trying to lose weight. I brought up veganism and he has got to be the most close minded person concerning it ahha, then he went on to describe meat, and its flavour, and taste and honestly it made me a little sick. But Biggi and I had a laugh about it after, at just how ignorant he was. Anyways, after that, I had some more muesli, and a bottle of this Apple cider juice that I really like, before cleaning my bike and chain with Nicole, Griff and Biggi. It was so hot outside so I worked up quite a sweat doing it ahah, but I'm so glad I got it done and overwith, I swear there are very few things I hate more than cleaning my chain ahha. After we got that over with I finally got down to editing a vlog from a few days ago, and did that until 2:30 when Griff and Biggi knocked on my door to go to Maya. First we went to get Griff's iphone screen replaced since he cracked it about a week ago, and then we went down to get some groceries. I got cereal, soy milk, banana, morning glory, and some baked sweet potatoes. And on our way out, I got a HUGE beet carrot apple juice and necked that hehe, it was tasty AF, plus... #nitrategains. lol. Then I came back, finished editing, foam rolled, then cooked up a dinner with the crew.

We made sweet potatoes, rice, veggies, and had it all with sweet chilli sauce and sriracha. I also had lotsa rice paper rolls and pumpkin curry with lots of their sweet soy sauce. But right when we were on the roof flying the drone with Erwan who had joined us, Bonny messaged me saying their flight was late and would get here after all the food places closed. So Nicole, Biggi and I quickly ran out to Maya mall and got them heaps of spring rolls, mushroom meat, morning glory, veggie tofu stir fry and then came back and cooked up lots of rice for them. Then I went to bed just before 9 and tried to get as much rest as I could before tomorrow's effot.